Viikkokirje 46



Maanantaina mineillä oli leikkipäivä. Tiistaina vuorossa oli muskari. Keskiviikkona retkeilimme leikkipuistoon leikkimään ja keinumaan. Torstaina vietimme lelupäivää. Perjantaina jumppasimme, harjoittelimme mm. tasapainoilua ja hyppimistä

Ma/Mon 22.11. Playday/Leikkipäivä

Ti/Tue 23.11. Trip Day (We will leave at 9.30)

Ke/Wed 24.11. Arts & Crafts/ Askartelu

To/Thu 25.11. Muskari

Pe/Fri 26.11. Story Day/ Satutuokio, puurojuhla voi ottaa oman tonttulakin mukaan!



This week was a bit different from our usual routine. It started with something very special – having our photos taken! Our photographer was particularly funny and entertaining this year, so everyone were put to ease and even the most serious children got some very smiley photos😊 Tuesday was muskari day and not a single child was left out. They were all having fun dancing to Latino rhythm and honing those instrument playing skills. Music can calm, excite, stimulate the child in the most magical way. Wednesday we went to a park nearby to practice our climbing, swinging and sliding skills – all equally important. And after that we decided in our morning circle that in order to celebrate children’s rights week, we’d give the power over to our maxis. Children decided the program for Thursday down to very last detail. They wished to be out for a shorter time, after that do some drawing and coloring indoors. They wanted to hear a certain book: “Don’t feed the coos”. Followed by morning circle lead by one of them. Then some more drawing and train tracks play time in the afternoon. Involving children in decision making is important tool to practice their problem solving skills and to increase their commitment to making decisions work. Children have the right to be involved in the decisions that affect them and this is exactly what we aim to practice here. Our week couldn’t finish without arts and crafts. This time we made our very own coos (pigeons) from the book we read earlier. Maxis practiced their scissors skills and precision by cutting and assembling their birds. Join us next week for our new adventures.

Ma/Mon 22.11. P.E. outdoors

Ti/Tue 23.11 Retkipäivä / Trip Day (We will leave at 9.30)

Ke/Wed 24.11. Satutuokio/ Story Time/Viskari´s Trip Day (We leave at 9:30)

To/Thu 25.11. Muskari

Pe/Fri 26.11. Askaretelua/Arts and Crafts/ puurojuhla voi ottaa oman tonttulakin mukaan!


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