This week we had the photoshoot and children were very excited about it. We have also been preparing for next week’s Father´s day, making some surprises for the afternoon celebration.
In outdoor play time, Minis and Midis have been practising motor skills, holding the shovels with their gloves and finding pine cones to hold and practising walking skills as well as climbing. In Muskari this week, there was a new song about cars and children practised about up and down concept. Midis have continued practising dressing up and undressing independently and how to ask for help if they need it. Next week we will celebrate Father´s day!

Minis-Midis next week:
MON 7.11. Media education
TUE 8.11. Muskari
WED 9.11. Outdoor play & Father´s day celebration at 16:00
THU 10.11. Puzzles
FRI 11.11. Gross motor skills

We have been getting ready for Father’s day. On Monday we practiced some singing for Father’s Day and we talked about things they liked to do with dad at home. We went to the Kasavuori for our trip day; we took the train and had a long walk in the forest. We walked along some small paths and some different terrains. It was a nice walk to get some fresh air and be in nature. Photo day was very successful with a lot of laughter and flashlights, and they also had a Halloween themed music lesson with Heini. We focused to get our Father’s crafts ready on Thursday. For P.E. lesson, we practised relay running race in small groups. Children were active and had a good work out and cheering for their friends.

MON 7.11. Father’s day topic circle time
TUE 8.11. Baking day
WED 9.11. Muskari & viskari and Father’s day celebration at 16:00
THU 10.11. Craft day
FRI 11.11. Trip day

Important dates / Tärkeitä päivämääriä:
9.11. Father’s Day party at 16
15.12. Christmas party at 16

Best regards,
The Kauniainen team