Minis last week:

We started the week with a story about a hungry mouse who sneaked into the kitchen and ate all the cake! There was a little mouse puppet that came to great all the children. All minis waited their turn nicely to great the mouse properly and some even dared to pet the mouse, brave!
Both on Tuesday and Friday it was time to get our hands dirty with some finger paint. Minis also used sponges to paint. Very colorful art is the result of the Minis talents.
Wednesday their was no Muskari by the Music teacher, but we had our own music session in stead.
Throughout the week we have been singing in both English and Finnish. Some new songs, some old songs.
The most exciting new songs was a new halloween song, supported by flashcards to learn new English vocabulary.
Both Minis’ children and staff are looking forward to a spectacular halloween party next week Thursday!

Please keep in mind that Halloween costumes should be comfortable to wear for Minis!

Minis next week:

Mo 25.10: Story time
Tu 26.10: Arts and crafts
We 27.10: Muskari
Thu 28.10: Halloween party!
Fri 29.10: Feelings and emotions

Midi-Maxis last week:

Knock knock, trick or treat, who are you? Oh dear, the Midis and Maxis are overly excited already for next week’s halloween party! Lots of new songs this week related to Halloween during our own music session. But we did not forget to practise our musical production song as well. Besides singing, the Midi-Maxis also worked hard on dancing and gymnastics. Also the decor for the musical production must be made. So the children all made wonderful fish, which you will be able to admire in the video.
For upcoming week we are taking a break from our musical production to enjoy Halloween. After Halloween week, we will start recording our video!

Please keep in mind that Halloween costumes should not trigger any violent behaviour, or cause other children to get scared!

Midi-Maxis next week:

Mo 25.10: Opening of the theme (Halloween)
Tu 26.10: Arts and crafts
We 27.10: Muskari + Viskari
Thu 28.10: Halloween party!
Fri 29.10: P.E

Best regards,
The Kauniainen team