We have enjoyed a spooky and fun week in the Viskarit and Mestarit class!  Throughout the week we have enjoyed Halloween stories and songs.  We also have a new student teacher with the class, Claudia.  We are fortunate to have Claudia with us between Monday to Thursdays until the week before Christmas. In pre-school we consentrated in finnish into letter ‘N’ and in English into letter ‘Z’ and completing related activities. Viskarit sessions this week have included focusing on fine motor skills by sorting items according to colour and appearance. This week all the children have also made crowns and magic wands! Wednesday was our Halloween party, we enjoyed all the excellent costumes!  We had a very fun day with a Halloween disco and activity session.  We crawled through the spiders’ web and did the skeleton dance! Also, ghost bowling and “eyeball” game was played. This week the group has also greatly enjoyed playing with a new set of play-doh we have been lucky to have!  We wish you a nice weekend and see you next week.



Knock knock, trick or treat!!!

The highlight of this week is the Halloween celebration. Excitement and fun were painted all over the children’s faces from preparation all throughout the celebration. On the day of the party, the children were introduced, each one got a chance to show off his/her costume and say something about his/her costume. We also knocked on other groups’ doors to greet them before the games began. Three activities were presented to the children: mummy wrapping, photo shoot, and free play/singing together with Halloween music on, for them to decide where to start and which one to participate in. Aside from that, the children enjoyed the rule-games we had for physical education. They practiced listening and following simple instructions that involved counting and moving simultaneously, as well as fast and slow movements. We ended the week with negotiation skills practice, where the children played in pairs and were guided to respect each other’s opinion and how to respond to disagreements in a positive way. A great weekend to all!




Mon/Ma: Creating Father’s Day cards/Isänpäivä korttien tekoa

Tue/Ti: Pre-school: mathematic (recognizing shapes) + Viskarit sessions

Wed/Ke: Trip to Taivis park/Retki Taiviksen puistoon

Thu/To: Pre-school: Seikkailujen Eskari + Viskarit sessions

Fri/Pe: Photo Day & free choise activity centers/ Valokuvauspäivä ja vapaavalintaisia toimintapisteitä



Mon/Ma: Music day

Tue/Ti: Trip to Lastenlehdon leikkipuisto

Wed/Ke: Maxis – Father’s Day surprise, Midis – Social skills activity

Thu/To: Gym day – outdoor games

Fri/Pe: Play day – free play focusing on finding common interest


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