Minis’ last week:

Long waited for, finally it happened, Halloween! The children enjoyed learning halloween songs about different kind of costumes, happy and sad pumpkins and much more on Monday. Tuesday we had a story time about dinosaurs, followed by a dinosaur song as well as some abstract dinosaur drawings. Wednesday as usual everybody’s favorite… Muskari! On Thursday we had a fantastic Halloween party. We started off by a show and tell about our costumes. After that we did a spooky game of throwing food into a ghost’s mouth. Waiting in line for our turn is hard when it is such an exciting game, but Minis tried their best. Last but not least, the nap room turned into a disco bar. Minis danced their hearts out. On Friday we talked about our feelings, looked at pictures of social interactions and wonder which actions are nice and which ones aren’t. Looking forward to another exciting week next week!

Minis’ next week:

Mo 1.11: Story time
Tu 2.11: Arts and crafts
We 3.11: Photo day!
Thu 4.11: Muskari
Fri 5.11: Outdoor P.E.

Midi-Maxis last week:

We had a very nice Halloween week. On Monday We sang songs and talked about halloween costumes. Viskari made a witch craft through cutting and gluing, Bunnies group made some bats , Pandas made some pumpkin crafts. Muskari lesson is also related with Halloween. Viskari made some coloring by numbers worksheets, they all followed the instructions well. Halloween party was so much fun with show and tell, scary box,tag the skeleton, picking up spiders and disco dancing activities. Friday, we had indoor obstacle course , viskari had halloween yoga ,bunnies and pandas did some dancing.

Midi-Maxis next week:

Mo 1.11 Recording day of our musical
Tu 2.11: Recording day of our musical
We 3.11 photo day
Thu 4.11 muskari and viskari
Fri 5.11: Recording day of our musical

Autumn greetings,
The Kauniainen team