Viikkokirje/Weekly Letter 41/2021



Viikkokirje 41


This week Minis started their week off making their own hedgehogs with the help of Maija- it turned out really cute! We met our new friend who will be joining our group on Tuesday. We can’t wait to share toys and lots of fun things with her! Welcome! We also had our most awaited toy day, we were really happy showing our friends our favorite toys from homes. On Wednesday, we had arts and crafts and calls forth our artistic side. We made umbrellas, perfect for this rainy season. On Thursday we had Paula to lead our music circle, she will be on a holiday next week because of the autumn break. We’ll see her again the week after. On Friday, we practiced using our fine motor skills and made funny shapes using play dough, what a fun way to end our week! We would like to ask you to bring one book that your child loves to read at home and we will try to read it together for the entire week and share the stories with our friends. We hope you have a lovely weekend and see you again on monkey Monday!

Ma/Mon 18.10. Satupäivä/Story Day

Ti/Tue 19.10. Moomin Day (We will do all sorts of Moomin stuffs)

Ke/Wed 20.10. Retkipäivä / Trip day (We will leave at 9.30)

To/Thu 21.10. Liikunta/ Physical Education

Pe/Fri 22.10. Leikkipäivä/Playday



This week started with indoors PE and oh what a special one it was! We had Dinosaur Yoga! We twisted and bended and kept that balance while giggling to funny shapes of these enormous animals. Tuesday was something new – bring your own toy day! Our maxis got to introduce their favorite toys to their friends, play with them and also let others have a go with their toy. Learning to share and be generous with our most precious toys is not an easy task but our maxis did very well. Wednesday was Story Time and this time we read the favourite book of one our maxis as part of our book project of this month. It was a fun story about a police car and its adventures. Having children bring in their own books has them even more engaged in the stories and gives them the opportunity to present it to the group. Thursday is famously Muskari day. Our maxis hopped, and danced and sang with all their might. Everyone who wanted got to sing a solo song in a microphone and this time even the ones who are the most shy got up there and sang their hearts out. It was a very proud moment! Friday was time for arts and crafts and as we have done the previous weeks, we took a character from the book read and turned it into a craft. We made our very own blue police car. Making it required all kinds of fine motorskills – cutting, painting, and gluing. Join us next week for new adventures!


Ma/Mon 18.10. Liikuntaa/ Physical education

Ti/Tue 19.10. Retkipäivä/ Trip day (We will leave at 9.30)

Ke/Wed 20.10. Satuhetki/ Story Time

To/Thu 21.10. Muskari / Viskari activities

Pe/Fri 22.10. Askartelua/ Arts and crafts  

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