MIDIT: The week has started in a creative way making colourful autumn leaves to decorate our room´s tree. Children practiced their cutting skills while using the scissors & their ripping abilities to cover their own leaf with the silk paper. We had a previous discussion about the autumn colours, so of course brown, yellow, orange, red and green were the protagonists in that session! After that, each duckie had the chance to choose where to place their leaves & everyone put it on their favourite place. On Tuesday we had a nice outdoor games time, and we practiced the rule games and social skills while playing together “the mirror” & “octopus” game. Children were excited to get to play these games and it was an excellent practice to take group decisions, listen at the others and follow instructions. The week has continued with the weekly music session where our younger ones had sung lots of new songs for the autumn season and played a variety of instruments trying to follow rhythm and musicality. On Thursday we had a nice English story time through children interaction, and we also got some helpers from the maxis group. It was a lovely time! Friday has finished having a common morning circle the whole house together where we introduced our own toys and talked about cancer charity’s fundraising event for the disease fundraising. And Friday is not the same without dancing! We had ended the week having a fun new dance with the maxis. That moment showed for sure our Friday mood!


MAXIT: The creative and imaginative Maxi adventurers kept excitedly immersing and exploring the wonderland of fairy tales by many new means together this week! Since October started, our monthly theme was also shifted to “Fairy Tales of Childhood (Lapsuuden sadut)” and “Parents’ Participation (Vanhempien osallisuus)”. Besides talking about our own favourite fairy tales during the Circle Time, we also would like to know what our parents’ and grandparents’ favourite stories were when they were little and maybe when they went to the Day Care as well! Perhaps some of their answers will be the same as ours, and the others will be different and we could look for those stories and read them together here at Hranta. Certainly, we would also like to know our siblings’, cousins’ and friends’ favourite stories! 3 traditional Chinese fairy tale books “Three Precious Pearls”, “The Wujing Well” and “The Golden Axe” written in English about virtues such as honesty, friendship, taking others into consideration and sharing etc. were read as Wei’s contribution to our monthly theme too. As always, our heads are full of fantastic ideas to share and inspire each other with! With 15 new unicorn stamps, we designed and created our own memo game, story books and many other beautiful artworks by ourselves! We also practised our scissors skills in the fun Arts and Crafts activity by choosing a facial mask to cut and glue from cats, fox and bunny to match amazing costumes that we found in Ankkalmpi’s Suitcase of the World of Fairy Tales, to take home to perform with our families and to warm up a bit already for our Halloween Party by the end of October! On Friday for the very first time after summer holiday, we could bring our own and beloved toys to show, introduce and share with our friends! We also dressed in pink to support this year’s Roosa nauha Cancer Charity’s fundraising event for cancer researching besides discussing about the event and having a good look at this year’s and previous years’ Roosa Ribbons together. We love Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark” Song, therefore we excitedly learnt its new Kids Pop Dance “Hip Hop Shark” by moving our little bodies with the fun video together in the English Common Circle as well! “Hammerhead Shark, Great White Shark, Saw Shark, Hip Hop Sharks, We are Sharks!”


As we wished again, we took a pleasant walk in the comfortable autumnal weather to our favourite Tuorinniemi Playground which is so huge that we could not even play with half of the apparatuses on 1 trip! This time, we bravely climbed high on the Spider Web, hopping among bouncy trampolines and surely enjoyed our riding time on various tricycles, bicycles and scooters together. It was so nice that we all played very happily together as a group as well as in small groups shifting from some friends to another, so that we all got chances to enjoy our time with everyone else and no one was left outside!


In honour of the Week of Animals (Eläinten viikko), the intelligent Viskaris individually completed 2 worksheets about knowing more about animals and the wellbeing of pets and farm animals!


The talented and knowledgeable Preschoolers as a team successfully assembled and completed the new and very exciting board game “Fairy Tales Olipa kerran” consisting of 12 classic fairy tales by following the storyline and the instructions together. In turn, we found all the 24 half-pages of the Last Story Book torn by the Mean King and scattered all over the King’s Castle Garden from where we also escaped by hopping from one piece of lawn to another conjunctive piece until reaching the gate before the King came back from his walk! Besides the same animal-related worksheets, we also completed a crossword game in honour of the Week of Animals.


Ensi viikolla:


MON 11.10. Arts and crafts (Halloween pumpkins)

TUE 12.10. Walking trip around the area (autumn signs)

WED 13.10. Muskari

THU 14.10. World flags session & making own favourite flag

FRI 15.10. English Common Circle and Toy Day


MON 11.10. Arts and Crafts

TUE 12.10. Walking Trip, leaving at 9:30 am from the Day Care & Autumn Dates (Syystreffit) 15:00-17:00

WED 13.10. Muskari

THU 14.10. Preschool Session in Finnish language & Viskari Club

FRI 15.10. English Common Circle


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