We finally welcome the autumn season, and the kids learned the new season song Autumn leaves are falling. We learned the autumn colors in Finnish and English. We made a nice autumn tree in a sensory painting activity which the kids love as they explore their sense of touch, eye and hands coordination. We witnessed the magical fall foliage, leaves falling from the tree as we had our autumn walk in the Thurmanin park. The kids also tried jumping up and down in the trampoline park. We had our outdoor muskari, the kids enjoyed singing and playing instrument surrounded by nature and with the sound of the humming birds. Time to put on our rain gears and boots. The minis-midis been learning what are the essential clothes to put on this season. They enjoyed playing in the rain and jumping on some water puddles. We had a bus trip to the nearby Pitkänotko park and we explore its surroundings. We have now been playing in a small group and practicing more of our social skills, practicing waiting turns and sharing toys to others.

Mini-Midis next week:
3.10 Arts and Crafts
4.10 Muskari
5.10 Trip day
6.10 Gymnastics
7.10 Free play

This week we have discussed about pet animals. We discussed what pet animals can be at the circle time and how we can look after them. We went by the train to Faunatar pet shop at Sello on Tuesday, we talked about how to move safely on public transport. Children were happy to see the bunnies, turtles and fishes there. On Wednesday we did some shapes counting and coloring with Viskari, music lesson went well. We have been doing regularly story time now, it is good for their linguistic development. On Friday, we had some yoga movements indoors and some dancing in their own group. Everyone was following well in the group activities. Through the daily routines, children have been practicing being more independent in dressing or focusing their own tasks.

Maxis-Viskaris next week:
3.10 Endangered animals topic discussion
4.10 Trip to Glims Farmstead Museum. We leave from the daycare at 9.20.
5.10 Muskari / Viskari; please arrive by 8:45
first Music group lesson at 8.45 ;Viskari lesson 8.45 ; 9:30 Viskari group music lesson
6.10 Crafts
7.10 Physical education

Important fall dates:

11.10 Syystreffit at 16.00
27.10 Halloweenparty for the children
2.11 Valokuvaus at 9.00
9.11 Isänpäiväjuhlat at 16.00
15.12 Joulujuhlat at 16.00

Best regards,
The Kauniainen team