MIDIT: The week has started with a new adult joining the midis group, so we had decided to give plenty of time to the children to play freely and to get to know each other. On Tuesday we joined the maxis for a nice autumn walking trip around the area where we had also stayed to have fun in a different park for a while before coming back to the daycare. Our duckies did a fantastic job walking and following nicely the line, it was an excellent practice! On Wednesday we had our weekly music session & after that we stayed in our own yard making some yummy cakes & singing outdoors together. The week has continued with an exciting party day, idea that comes from the children, who have decided what were the perfect ingredients to have a great party. As always, music and balloons had to be there! Also, they got some colourful party hats as a little surprise! On Friday we had a common morning circle with all the groups, and we opened the magic ducky’s luggage full of role play clothes, puppets, stickers, and a magic notebook where we stick our funniest pictures and write a nice creative story together. This luggage is rotating in all Ankkalampi units, so all our lovely duckies are able to hear the different stories & see other duckies having fun. Let´s celebrate together the fantastic fairy tale stories magic!

 MAXIT: The warm-hearted and friendly Maxis excitedly welcomed our 3 new big friends who joined Hranta on Monday morning. In Tuesday’s Day Circle, we openly discussed about friendship again and we made clear that we are all different and superb in our own ways, and we shall respect other children as well as adults and celebrate the uniqueness together! We all can teach and help each other with somethings one way or another, and each of us is precious! In Thursday’s Morning Circle, the Viskaris would very much love to show their affection by helping adults out, therefore we brainstormed together and contributed many good ideas such as trying not to drop much food on the floor and obeying the rules upon which we agreed together. Certainly showing gratitude to each other among both small and big friends make all of our hearts so warm and our mouths smiling wild!

In Monday’s origami activity, each Maxi in turn chose from different dinosaurs, duck and crab to make by following the illustrated instructions on the brochures, practised our observation skills and fine motor skills and took the origami work(s) home to expand the collection of figures for puppet shows. As we wished on Tuesday’s walking trip together with the Midis, we enjoyed playing at Tuorinniemi Playground and appreciating the beautiful autumnal view by the beach. At the naptime through this week, we listened to a Danish fairy tale “The Magician’s Pupil” from the book “Nordic Tales” and the famous Finnish fairy tale “The Blue Bird” written by Zacharias Topelius.

On Wednesday after the fun and educative Muskari session, the 9 Viskaris for the first time sat around the same table and completed own Worksheet No.1 about pencil grip skills by listening carefully to the bilingual instructions and bravely trying on our own! Each of our completed worksheets is reserved in our own folder recording our English learning and we took the folders home for this weekend to show our families how much we have already learnt in August and September and play games together with the flash cards saved in the folders as well! In Thursday’s Viskari Club, we continued playing Lukemisleikki (The Reading Game), but this time we played the Snap Game with 2 sets of the illustrated flash cards in total 36 until which we also counted in English together.

Besides reviewing the Finnish Preschool session contents in English again and completing worksheets about walking through a maze, shapes and colours, the Preschoolers also continued playing Lukemisleikki (The Reading Game) in the form of Snap but with 2 sets of both illustrated and unillustrated flash cards in total 72!

Ensi viikolla:


MON 04.10. Arts & craft (autumn leaves)

TUE 05.10. Outdoor games

WED 06.10. Muskari

THU 07.10. Story time

FRI 08.10. English Common Circle and Toy Day


MON 04.10. Arts and Crafts

TUE 05.10. Walking Trip Day, leaving at 9:30 am

WED 06.10. Muskari

THU 07.10. Preschool Session in Finnish Language & Viskari Club

FRI 08.10. English Common Circle and Toy Day

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