Viikkokirje/Weekly Letter 39

Kulosaaren Ankkalampi – Duckies                                                       27.–01.10.2021

Viikkokirje 39


The minis explored the world of fairytales and started the week off watching Mickey Mouse- yes, “the” Mickey Mouse most of us grew up with and loved! On Tuesday, we made our own Mickey Mouse through marble painting. It was fun to watch how our little ones wondered what they were going to do with the marbles and how it’s coloring up the page by just moving the tray. For our Minis, it’s all fun and games while creating a masterpiece! We went out to Eugen Schauman’s park and enjoyed the time we spent with friends. We also went for a walk around the area to check out the beautiful colours of fall has to offer! It was lovely, needless to say. We had Muskari on Thursday, we enjoyed singing and dancing along with its Paula and our friends. We also got to show our musical side through playing different instruments while Paula sings a song for us. Play day is always a good day. This day we dedicated to practicing sharing and waiting for our turns with toys and playing nicely with our friends. Thank you for joining us this week, see you on Monkey Monday! Have a lovely weekend!

Ma/Mon 4.10. Story Day/ Satupäivä

Ti/Tue 5.10. Askartelua / Arts and Crafts

Ke/Wed 6.10. Trip Day/ Retkipäivä (We will leave at 9.30)

To/Thu 7.10. Muskari

Pe/Fri 8.10. Leikkipäivä / Play day



This week was a bit special one as our student Mariia, who has been with us already 6 weeks was leading some of the activites as part of her training. Everyone was excited to follow the lead! Monday´s outdoor PE asked every child to state their initial letter of their name and according to the letter, there was a task for the whole group. This way every child felt as part of the task and included in the activity of the day. Tuesday we went for a trip to Julius park. The main attraction of that park has to be the famous teeter-totter swing where also our maxis have lots of fun. Wednesday was Open Doors day at Kulosaari Ankkalampi therefore we departed for another trip, this time to Risto Rytin park where we had our outdoor Story Time and play time on the climbing rack. Thursday can´t come without Paula´s muskari. It´s clear to see how much our children love the lesson – they run in the room with arms wide open screaming Pauuulaaa every time when they see her. A morning filled with singing, dancing and playing instruments. Friday was time for Arts&Crafts and this time our maxis made their very own space rockets from the story book of this week. Needless to say how much joy and excitement it brought – making your very own space ship. But hidden behind all this fun was practising their fine motorskills to the best – cutting with scissors, glueing, taping and painting. Join us next week for new adventures!

Ma/Mon 4.10. Liikuntaa/ Physical education

Ti/Tue 5.10. Retkipäivä/ Trip day (We will leave at 9.30)

Ke/Wed 6.10. Satuhetki/ Story Time

To/Thu 7.10. Muskari / Viskari activities

Pe/Fri 8.10. Askartelua/ Arts and crafts   

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