On Monday we walked to see trains at the Kauniainen train station. We saw three trains passing by and observed people getting in and out of the train. In Muskari we had a few new songs this week. On Wednesday we made a trip to the Central Railway station in Helsinki. For some children, it was their first time on the train and it was exciting to watch the changing fall scenery pass by. We saw Linnanmäki, Töölönlahti, and lots of trees with autumn colours. On the train trip we also celebrated one child’s 2 year birthday and we had some Moomin cookies that the birthday hero had brought for all. On Thursday children had a Metsämörri trip near Thurman park. Metsämörri had left some cards for children and they went to look for different objects from nature, such as stones, sticks, pine cones, trees, and leaves. We practised friendship skills and language skills as well as learning about autumn nature. On Friday we walked to Hurtig park, where Minis and Midis practised climbing and sliding skills. We also had a gym indoors, with a trampoline and tunnel. Next week we will continue enjoying autumn activities outdoors.

Mini-Midis next week:
MON 26.9. Outdoor activity
TUE 27.9. Arts & Crafts
WED 28.9. Motor skills
THU 29.9. Walking trip
FRI 30.9. Free play

This week we had a topic about animals. We had circle time about animals, we named a lot of farm animals and wild animals. We also listened to some sounds of animals and looked at their pictures from the tablet. On Tuesday, we went to gallsträskin park, we walked there on foot and came back by bus. Children liked the park and had a good time playing there. We also asked children to observe any animals on the trip there. We found birds and insects. Viskari lesson we continued with our shapes learning, children cut different sizes of circles and made a snowman. Muskari lesson went well too. On Thursday, we made an animal chart, children colored, cut and glued their own animals. For our physical education, we practised some yoga exercises with animal postures. Maxis and Viskaris also had a Metsämörri activity, in which they were introduced to Metsämörri with a letter, and after that they got to find some objects from nature together, practising friendship skills and language skills.

Maxis-Viskaris next week:
MON 26.9. Pet Animal topic discussion
TUE 27.9. Trip day (petshop visit Sello)
WED 28.9. Muskari / Viskari;
first Music group lesson at 8.45 ;Viskari lesson 8.45 ; 9:30 Viskari group music lesson
THU 29.9. Arts & Crafts
FRI 30.9. Physical education

Best regards,
The Kauniainen team