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This week the minis have enjoyed the week of the animals! We have read for example Peppa Pig’s book in English and we have really enjoyed her fantastic adventures. At the same time we have created some autumn hedehog with dry leaves that we have glued all over it’s body using our patience and our little fingers. We have enjoyed animal yoga, imitating different animals and making their particular sounds with our voices! It has been great! The week ended with the rythm club where we were playing diferent animal songs with our instruments. Our english and finnish autumn vocabulary has been improving and our teachers can’t be more proud of us! Next week we will have harvesting theme week. It will appear in many ways in our activities!


The Midis started the week practicing their social and emotional development, they learned about how to act when feeling anger. On Tuesday they enjoyed a lovely walk together  to Helsinki Biennali pavijong at Kauppatori. On Wednesday midis had muskari and the birthday celebration of one of their friends. Thursday was a fun day, as midis had a yoga class where they got to practice their balance, coordination and flexibility while having lots of fun mimicking the movements of some animals, one of their favorites was the crap! The midis ended the week by doing some art and crafts and our traditional and popular open mic!


The maxis started the week doing some Autumn art and crafts. On Thursday their Trip was trip to Tuomiokirkko, where they learned about Helsinki history. On Wednesday, The Maxis had muskari and an English morning circle where they learned the name of the some body parts and some geometric figures as well. They had fun looking for objects around the room with the shape of the geometric figures that they had  learned. On Thursday, they had their Viskari class. They ended the week practicing their emotion skills and working in their projects.


Viskarituokiolla kertasimme jo tuttuja geometrisia muotoja kolmio, neliö, suorakulmio ja ympyrä ja yhdistimme tähän laskemisen ja numeroiden harjoittelun. Vanhan kertaamisen jälkeen tutustuimme kuutioon, kartioon sekä lieriöön palikoiden ja kynätehtävien avulla.




Ma / Mon 27.9 Muskari klo 9:30 / Leikkiä

Ti / Tue 28.9 Satuhetki (omia kirjoja voi edelleen tuoda)

Ke / Wed 29.9 Kädentaidot

To / Thu 30.9 Arts & crafts

Pe / Fri 1.9 Open mic



Ma / Mon 27.9 Emotion & friendship skills project

Ti / Tue 28.9 Field trip. We leave 9.30 from park.

Ke / Wed 29.9 Muskari 9.30 / Fairytale project

To / Thu 30.9 Gymnastics

Pe / Fri 1.10 Arts & Crafts



Ma / Mon 27.9 Arts & Crafts

Ti / Tue 28.9 Field trip. We leave 9.30 from park.

Ke / Wed 29.9 Muskari 10.15 / Smallgroup activities

To / Thu 30.9 Viskari & Pre-Viskari/ My favourite Story project

Pe / Fri 1.10 Emotion & friendship skills


Aurinkoista viikonloppua kaikille!

Kruununhaan Ankkalammen aikuiset


Have a nice & sunny weekend!

The Staff of Kruununhaka Ankkalampi-Duckies