Minis last week
Another nice week with Minis behind. At the beginning of the week we enjoyed another´s company with plenty of play time as it is a nice way to start our week at daycare after the weekend. As the week moved forward we practised our fine motor skills with a cute caterpillar crafts, based on the story we read on Friday. On our music class we had a good time as well, singing and playing different musical instruments. Of course we had a great trip to Turtle park and a nice story time too.

Minis next week:

20.9 Toiveleikkejä / Play Time
21.9 Leivontaa / Baking
22.9 Muskari klo 10:15
23.9 Kirjastoretki / Trip to library
24.9 Satutuokio / Story Time

Midi-Maxis last week:

The theme of the week was about horses. Children still remember the stable trip well. This week we learned about body parts of the horses, different kind of horses. We made craft about horses through cutting and gluing. Viskari we learned number 3 and shape drawing. Muskari went well as always. Children enjoyed the turtle park trip and the big spinning swing. we talked about “angry feeling” and how to express them out without hurting other’s feeling. We also had yoga and obstacle course as our Friday exercise.

Midi-Maxis next week:

20.9 Paw patrol
21.9 arts and crafts
22.9 Muskari and Viskari
23.9 Trip
24.9 P.E