What a long summer we are having this year! Maxis got this week started with a story named “Spot`s busy day” for some easy summer vocabularies. On Tuesday we continued with our summer theme. What do the maxis enjoy so much about summer? Ice Cream! So that was our arts and crafts project this week. Children practiced cutting skills and chose their favorite colors to make beautiful popsicles. On Wednesday we tried two new songs where we talked and sang about body parts. On Thursday we did an obstacle course in the yard. We connected several trees with a long string where we went over and under. We used our buckets to make a zigzag route to walk, run and jump through. We also challenged ourselves by walking all the way on the edge of the sandpit. On Friday after the morning circle we had a focus on social skills, in which we talked about following instructions, sharing and using the words to express ourselves. 


It’s hard to believe that autumn is so close, when the week has been so hot! 

We began the week with an arts and crafts lesson, in which the children were given a colour, cut and glue task. Everyone had great fun exploring their creative side. Tuesday was our music day, where we firstly attempted to copy different rhythms and then followed up with a number of action songs. On Wednesday we remained outside for the morning for our outdoor games session. We firstly played What’s the time Mr. Wolf? (Now a firm favourite, which is also being played during free play outside), Followed by a couple of new games: Who is hiding (The children all close their eyes, one hides, then the rest have to guess who is hiding), We also played a game with our parachute where the children would swap places whilst the parachute was in the air. Thursday was an indoor gym session. We took a soft football which we used for throwing and catching games followed by a football penalty shoot-out.  Friday’s session was to talk about our emotions. We talked about what makes us happy or sad and explored ways to help each other. Throughout the week we have read many stories, some familiar, some new. It gives us a wonderful opportunity to expand our vocabulary. 


This week our Preschoolers have jumped into Space and whilst also working on their listening skills. Monday saw us becoming an astronaut team to find different space objects around our room. We explored the internet, finding out what space really looks like using google image search. Then we drew our own versions of space. We decided on Tuesday to start our Moon investigations. We found out about the Moon by listening carefully and then made our own Moons out of tinfoil. On Wednesday, we had a space shuttle building day. First, we built shuttles out of LEGO and then completed a NASA space shuttle building challenge by using our listening skills again! After such a busy start to our week, Thursday was a chance to relax with some Moon yoga. During this time, we thought a lot about our body positions and decided to try to use these positions during our preschool day (such as keeping our shoulders in a good position while we are sitting on our chairs).  We also got a chance to explore position concepts in our very first math class using our preschool book! On Friday, the preschoolers got a chance to let their creative juices flow! We explored what it might feel like to actually be the Moon and then wrote our own Moon poems. This week, we have continued to develop our listening skills while we read our quiet time book “Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree!” Next week, the preschoolers have decided to carry on exploring the Moon for a few days and then start to explore space rockets.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are ready to blast off into further Moon and rocket investigations! 



Mon: Story time 

Tue: Arts and Crafts 

Wed: Gym 

Thu: Music 

Fri: Social skills 



Mon: Library trip 

Tue: Arts and Crafts 

Wed: Weather project  

Thu: Gym 

Fri: Music and Dance 



Mon: Trip to the Library/Finnish Class 

Tue: What does the Moon look like?/Letter C Day 

Wed: Why does the Moon look different sometimes? 

Thu: Blast off into Rockets Topic/Shapes Day 

Fri: Recycled Rockets Day/Bluebox Games 



6.9 Photoshoot day starting 8.30.

7.9 Parents evening starting 17.15.



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