Rainy days are here but we do not let it get in the way of our fun activities. Minis and Midis started their week with story telling time with the children’s own favourite books while Maxis and Viskaris tried their agility and endurance in the field as they exercised and played dodge ball. For arts and crafts, Minis and Midis continued their house project, where they painted and tore some coloured paper to decorate it. Since this is a big project, it will continue in the weeks to come. On the other hand, Maxis and Viskaris tried the story dice for the first time this week. They show their interpretation of the story through their paintings which we have put up in our arts and crafts wall. They also practiced on their pencil grip as they did line and name tracing as well as colouring. Not to forget, we have started our Muskari which everyone enjoyed.


MINIEN JA MIDIEN suunnitelmat viikolle 35 / MINIS’ AND MIDIS’ plans for week 35:

MON   30.8   Story time first and then park/yard

TUE    31.8   Arts and crafts first then park/yard

WED   1.9     Muskari

THU   2.9     Metsänuppuset, we leave at 9:00, please bring a water bottle and a small snack

FRI     3.9     Park Day



MAXIEN JA VISKARIEN suunnitelmat viikolle 35 / MAXIS’ AND VISKARIS’ plans for week 35:

MON   30.8   Physical Education (outside first)

TUE    31.8   Park first then Arts and crafts

WED   1.9     Muskari

THU   2.9     Metsämörri, we leave at 9:00, please bring a water bottle and a small snack

FRI     3.9     Park Day



Muuta huomioitavaa/Other important information:

  • Puhelinnumeromme: Maxit- Viskarit p.050-400 8254 & Minit- Midit p.050-462 7943.
  • Our phone numbers:Maxis- Viskaris p.050-400 8254 & Minis- Midis p.050-462 7943.


Mukavaa viikonloppua & Have a nice weekend!  

Munkkiniemen Ankkalammen henkilökunta-staff