We would like to welcome back everyone here at Herttoniemenrannan Ankkalampi for the exciting year ahead. We would also like to extend our warm welcome to the new minis and maxi members who will be joining the group this season. Our theme for the year will be ‘Around the world’ with many of the activities raising awareness of emotional wellbeing and of course continuing with the development skills of early childhood education, such as social and friendship skills.


It was free play throughout the week here as this was an opportunity for all the children to socialize with each other, form new friendships and feel comfortable within each other’s company again. We spent each morning outdoors whilst the free play was mostly indoors during the afternoon. This enabled the children to become familiar with learning environments where most of the future activities will take place.


We will continue with a similar timetable throughout the forthcoming and introduce the morning circle time in which we will discuss the house rules and begin planning some activities with the children. Structured pedagogical learning activities will begin towards the end of this month.


We hope you all have a great weekend ,

Trystan, Marta and Nelli.