This week, we welcomed a new member of the group. For a smooth training period, simple and fun activities were organized for the children. We paid attention to learning indoor and outdoor rules and daily routine. The children enjoyed making ice lanterns using paints mixed with water in a plastic cup left outside to freeze. We will hang them on the fence when they are ready next week to bring colours to the yard. The most exciting activity of the week was the trip to the National Museum yard. We had a nice and informative tour around the building and spent more time exploring on the wood carvings from the Quelevala project’s latest instalment, Time of miracles. We hoped to increase awareness of art and culture appreciation through this trip. A great weekend to all!



This week we have enjoyed varying weather. The week started with Maxis own music session when the normal music teacher couldn´t come to us. The children also learned different body parts in English. This week the children made a nice winter forest painting with water colours. Our trip to Taivallahti puisto went well and the children enjoyed the playtime there. Thursday’s gym was kids wrestling (nassikkapaini) including warm up + stretching and they liked it a lot. Our week ended with yoga for children/balance training and story time in both English and Finnish.



We have had a “special” week. Claudio, our new staff member, joined us on Monday and he’s feeling quite happy and enthusiastic while working with us. We have gone through several fun and educative activities such as table theatre and winter science (water temperature and its effects). Also, outdoor activities took part in our week. On Wednesday our group went to the park and had a joyful time by sledding down the slopes. In preschool, we focused on the letter U and had a Teams connection to one of our pre-schoolers. On the other hand, our Viskarit worked on their fine motor skills with the magic sand.
Today (Friday) our pre-schoolers had a very special day when we celebrated the 100th day of preschool. We started the day by connecting through Teams to other Ankkalampi pre-schoolers. Then continued with several activity centres concentrating on number 100: making cereal necklaces, stacking 100 cups, rolling the dice, and colouring up to 100. We also admired all the 100-piece objects that children had brought from home.




Mon/Ma: Music session and story time // Muskari ja satuhetki

Tue/Ti: Tiger craft for Chinese New Year // Tiikeriaskartelu – Kiinalainen uusivuosi

Wed/Ke: Floorball game part 2 // Salibandyn alkeet osa 2

Thu/To: Sledding next to Peikkopark leaving 9:30 // Pulkkailua Peikkopuiston vieressä, lähtö 9:30

Fri/Pe: Theme day – Indoor Picnic (kids can bring a smoothie bag) // Teemapäivä – Piknik sisätiloissa (lapsi saa tuoda smoothiepussin)



Mon/Ma: Music day & science day/Muskari & tiedepäivä

Tue/Ti: Arts & crafts/Askartelu

Wed/Ke: Trip day- sledding with tobaggons/ Retkipäivä – pulkkamäki liukureilla

Thu/To: Outdoor gym/Ulkojumppa

Fri/Pe: Dancing and body control, playing in pairs/Tanssia ja kropan hallinta, pareittain leikki



Mon/Ma: Safety week: groups having separate activities/Turvallisuusviikko: ryhmät tekevät erilliset toiminnot

Tue/Ti: VISKARIT: Easy mathematics session/Helppoa matematiikkaa MESTARIT: Mathematics/Matematiikkaa

Wed/Ke: Sledding (Väiski & weather permitting)/Pulkkamäki (Väiski, sään salliessa)

Thu/To: VISKARIT: Grouping- board games/Ryhmäytyminen – lautapelit MESTARIT: Seikkailujen Eskari/Pre-school activity book

Fri/Pe: VISKARIT: Language activities/Kieliharjoituksia MESTARIT: Following directions activities/Ohjeiden noudattamisen harjoituksia


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