As the number of children who attended the Day Care were very small we decided to combine both groups and do the activities together.

On Monday we began the week with some craft work whereby the children had to sew the outline of a Polar Bear. The Maxis group will continue this project for the next 2 weeks and create a New Year calendar to bring home. In the afternoon we used clay to create some Polar and Artic Animals.

On Tuesday we took the children on the walking trip. As it was such a glorious day we managed to walk more than 3km! We walked towards the beach and then on to look at some of the street art under the road bridge. We then went further to listen and look at the various birds in the Park of Herttoniemi, we could hear the woodpeckers but unfortunately didn’t manage to see them.  Towards the end of the trip we visited the manor house of Herttionemi and it’s wonderful landscape gardens. Before returning home we passed the old traditional Finnish restaurant Wanha Mylly where from personal experience I know the food and service is exceptional!!! In the distance we could see the old Windmill.

The Wednesday Music lesson was cancelled, we had a group discussion about what Polar and Artic Animals eat to survive, we then went on to create some simple food chain charts. In the afternoon we used watercolour paints to practice fine motor skills to colour various shapes.

Thursday we had another physical day and the children completed an exercise circuit many times. Some of the exercises involved using balance, coordination, skill and strength. Later in the day the children used the role playing equipment in the sleeping room to play with each other.

Friday the Preschool children had their Finnish lesson and celebrated 100 days of preschool online with the Preschool children from the other Ankkalampi day cares. The children discussed some of their favourite moments in preschool and showed some of their work. The Midis and Viskari used poster paint to paint some Polar and Artic Animals.

Throughout the week children participated in the usual outdoor and indoor free play and we began to learning an English song about five Seal Lions.


Ensi viikolla:


MA/MON   Arts & craft (polar bear project – part 1)

TI/TUE     Sports (indoors circuit

KE/WED   Music lesson

TO/THU   Outdoor activities (“bear sleeps” game)

PE/FRI     Play dough (making arctic animals)



MA/MON   Sewing outline of Polar Bear on Card

TI/TUE     Walking trip with Sports Skills

KE/WED   Music lesson and science – Compare the size of Polar and Arctic Animals

TO/THU   Preschool in Finnish and Viskari in English (Literacy)

PE/FRI     Preschool English Linguistics and numeracy, Viskari English numeracy


Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta!

Marta, Veera, Rolando, Trystan ja Titti

MIDIT: 050 401 9229, MAXIT: 050 523 9066