Captains started this week doing arts and crafts about winter themes. They really enjoyed painting while at the same time they learned about different shapes and colors. They have also continued the learning of different shapes by practicing them during the morning circle. During music class Captains keep getting better at dancing and playing instruments like maracas, always while laughing and having a great time together. While playing in the park Captains have been having lots of fun playing with the snow and sledges as well as finding the ice diamonds that they made last week. Captains have been also singing and dancing songs about winter and snow in their morning circle helping them to understand better about the weather changes and different seasons. With the start of the new season, we have been making together again the classroom rules and reminding Captains of the importance of playing nice, sharing toys, respecting our friends and in general having a good class environment where all kids feel save and happy. During our trip we went around our neighborhood together appreciating everything around us (seeing the garbage truck with your friends can be so much fun. Captains ended the week amusing themselves with a lovely open mic where they picked their favorite songs.

Kipparien viikko alkoi talvisella kävelyretkellä Halkolaiturille ihmettelemään jäistä merta ja jäänmurtajia. Kippareita mietitytti, miten kalat pärjäävät jäisessä meressä, joten lähdimme selvittämään asiaa päiväkodilla luontovideon avulla. Samalla katsoimme, miten metsän eläimet kuten karhut, jänikset, oravat ja linnut selviävät kylmästä talvesta. Tiistain muskarissa laulettiin talvisia lauluja, soitettiin soittimilla ja harjoiteltiin taputtamaan rytmissä. Keskiviikkona vuorossa oli talvista musiikkimaalausta, jossa ensin piirsimme vahaliidulla nopeassa tahdissa “luistelujälkiä”. Lopuksi maalasimme jäljet näkyviin vesiväreillä rauhallisen musiikin tahtiin. Torstaina vietimme aamupäivän pienryhmissä leikkien. Kippareiden yhteisleikkitaidot ovat kehittyneet hurjasti ja leikin lomassa opimme jälleen tärkeitä taitoja, kuten lelujen jakamista, oman vuoron odottamista ja neuvottelutaitoja. Aamupiirillä kävimme läpi erilaisia lumen olomuotoja ja syitä sille, miksi lumen muoto muuttuu ja mitkä tekijät siihen vaikuttavat. Viikon mittaan olemme myös harjoitelleet saksilla leikkaamista, geometrisia muotoja ja parijonon muodostamista. Viikon päätimme tunnetaitoja harjoitellen. Luimme tuttua Fanni kirjaa ja harjoittelimme tunteiden nimiä aamupiirillä myös englanniksi.

By exploring the children’s illustrated book “Let’s Go Back into History Dig millions of years through time!”, especially on the pages of “The Olympic Games” and “The Roman Empire”, the curious Sailors travelled together through time all the way back to more than 2000 years ago to greet Ancient Greeks and Romans who once lived in the wide range from nowadays Southern Europe, Asia Minor, Northern Africa around the fertile Mediterranean Sea and beyond! We enthusiastically immersed ourselves in the splendid Classical Civilisations through the entire week, but we could only explore a tiny bit of the precious legacies that the Ancient Greeks and Romans created and left for us. We turned ourselves into Roman citizens, yes this time the girls as well as the boys, by wrapping ourselves up in purple and white Toga and cutting golden and silver coloured paper leaves for our laurels. Most importantly, we got to know the system of Roman Numerals by practising simple additions and subtractions. We not only wrote on rough paper resembling papyrus paper created by Ancient Egyptians with a stick “our numbers” the Arabic Numbers but also the Roman version from 1 to 10! We also viewed books and felt small statues about for example the architecture and sculptures of this magnificent world displayed on our table. Through the week, we kept listening to Ancient Greek music like relaxing Harp music and the spirits of Aristotle and Socrates, and we appreciated the full Suite of Gustav Holst’s Symphony of The Planets performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra when we talked about the Outer Space as a theme of our Project Work this Semester. All of us actively enjoyed together our snowy wintery version of the Ancient Olympic Pentathlon after singing beautifully with Muskari Sari via Zoom: Running and Jumping in the fluffy thick fresh snow, Forming and Tossing snowballs and a Snowball Fight against Wei and certainly Wrestling in the snow again against Wei, besides making snow angels and tasting snowflakes falling from the sky. We also started building the 3D cardboard Roman Fort, as well as listening to fables of Aesop the Ancient Greek storyteller’s and the Legend of Troy. As the other theme for our Project Work, the Animals, we started playing the game “ Maailman eläimet” together trying to find their home continent(s) of 200 adorable animals living on the Earth! Sliding at Tove Jassonin puisto was so much fun too! Next week as we wished, we will explore the world of the Vikings and we already got so many questions to ask: Are they mean people? Are they big and tall? Which parts of the world did they reach?


 Kapteenit / Captains

Ma / Mon 25.1. Kädentaitoja / Arts and Crafts

Ti / Tue 26.11. Muskari (klo 9.45) ja pienryhmätoimintaa / Muskari (at 9.45) and small group activities

Ke / Wed 27.1. Satuhetki / Story time

To / Thu 28.1. Retkipäivä, lähtö puistosta klo 9.30 / Trip Day, we´ll leave from the park at 9.30

Pe / Fri 29.1. Open Mic / Open Mic

Kipparit / Skippers

Ma / Mon 25.1. Small goup activities: Skiing/Arts crafts

Ti / Tue 26.1. Muskari (klo 10.15) / Muskari (at 10.15)

Ke / Wed 27.1. Arts and Crafts

To / Thu 28.1. Snow project

Pe / Fri 29.1. Emotion skills

Seilorit / Sailors

Mon 25.1. Arts & Crafts and Winter Experiments.

Tue 26.1. Muskari 9:00-9:45 am and Gymnastics.

Wed 27.1. Walking trip leaving at 9:30 am from the Park: Ice-skating.

Thu 28.1. Exploring the World: The Vikings.

Fri 29.1. Project Work: Animals & Outer Space.