As summer approaches we are getting closer to the end of the season! This has been the last week for some of the children and we have tried to enjoy together as much as possible. On Monday we had a variety of outdoor games, such as trash bags and running competitions, throwing balls in different Disney baskets, and jumping games. We also had a great aerobics session with the maxis and for sure that is the best way for everyone to wake up! On Tuesday we had a nice walking trip to Tuoriniemi so we spent the morning having fun under the sunshine. It was a great trip! Wednesday was a great morning outdoors too since we had exciting water games, such as soup bubbles, animals’ game and running away from the water spray! We all got a bit wet, but the weather was perfect for that, and we got so many smiles! The week has finished with a short Movie Day full of popcorn and cookies.

Next week is the last before the holidays, so we plan to spend long times outdoors having fun all together and enjoying the great weather. And to all who start the vacation…we wish you a great summer and an exciting Juhannus!



Finally it feels like Summer and we spent most of the week outside to enjoy the sunshine. However, we started the week with some arts and craft. It was up to the children what they wanted to create with the tissue paper, felt material, sequence, felt pens, feathers, glue and paint that were put on the table. Most of the children created some form of collage which were very colourful and all had their own character.

For the rest of the week we spent all of the mornings outside where we visited the various parks in the area and played various games and water games.

Next week as the good weather will seem to continue we will pretty much do the same. We will spend the mornings outside visiting the local parks and enjoy some outdoor activities.


Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta ja hyvää kesää!

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