We started this week with a terrific outdoor Morning Circle and Gym. Fresh air and sun helped us to be healthier and stronger! We also practiced songs in English and Finnish languages. Kids were crazy about our outdoor Cha-cha-cha Party!!! On Tuesday we had a nice picnic in a park with a strawberry (we still practice fruits) and our own snacks. On Wednesday we revised fruits and vegetables and started ABC. Thursday was dedicated to Arts and Crafts. We decorated our Turtle Park with water. On Friday we enjoyed Finnish language (reading a book about friendship), sun, and fresh air. Have a great weekend and see you next week!
Mini-Midis next week:
19.06 Morning Circle (Sweet Week)
20.06 Music lesson (Candy songs)
21.06 Arts and Crafts (ice-cream decorating)
22.06 Outdoor Gym
23.06 Daycare is closed
On Monday we started the topic of reptiles and explored some basic facts about these fascinating creatures. We discussed their classification as vertebrates and their unique characteristics. On Tuesday, we took a walking trip to the woods near Gallträskin park. Although we didn’t come across any reptiles, we had the opportunity to observe insects and birds in their natural habitats. It was a wonderful experience connecting with nature and discovering the diverse wildlife around us. Wednesday brought excitement and friendly competition as we joined the Ankka Olympic Games. The children participated in various sports activities, including rope jumping, javelin, zigzag races, sprints, football and long jumps. Their enthusiasm and sportsmanship were commendable. We concluded the event with refreshing juice, bananas, and medals around their necks. It was a fantastic and sporty day for everyone involved. Thursday was a day of creativity as we engaged in a craft activity. The children made paper spiral snakes through cutting and coloring. They created unique and vibrant snakes. On Friday, we recapped our reptile topics through fun exercises. The children imitated chameleon movements ,practiced snake postures, and even engaged in a jumping activity to dodge imaginary alligators. It was a lively and interactive session that reinforced their understanding of reptile characteristics.
Maxis-Viskaris next week:
19.06 MON. Mammals
20.06 TUE. trip day
21.06 WED. Music day
22.06 THUR. Outdoor play
23.06 FRI. Daycare is closed
Important dates:
22.6 Daycare closes at 15.00
Best regards,
The Kauniainen team