The last days we had many different and exciting happenings! The week has started with a very cozy morning circle in Finnish language and sharing children and adults weekend plans too. On Tuesday we did celebrate the Olympics and we organized a variety of sports games outdoors. The main skills practiced were jumping with both feet together in a trash bags competition, a long-distance jump, throwing balls in different distance Disney baskets and running competitions in teams. After the good effort children did, we gave them a yummy juice and they got a colorful medal, as well as making cool group pictures together. In the afternoon we had a whole house disco as Senja´s farewell and lots of hugs! On Wednesday we got a very special visit, a big firetruck came to the daycare and wonderful firemen also, who organized different activities to have an unforgettable morning. Children had the chance to sit on the truck, they could try the fireman helmet too, took funny pictures and practiced using the hose… so exciting! The week has finished with lots of outdoors activities getting to know the new families and the new children starting next season, as well as enjoying our weekly toy day, a play day is always great before welcoming the weekend.


Next week’s plan:

MON 20.06: Aerobics and outdoor games

TUE 21.06: Walking trip (leaving at 9.15am)

WED 22.06: Water games

THUR 23.06: Movie Day




It was quite a busy week again here in the day care with the week beginning with the arts and craft. This week the children finished sewing the mini pillows they began a forthright ago. They used the normal sewing needles and we didn’t have one accident.

On Tuesday it was the Ankkalampi Olympics morning where all 160 children from other day care joined us for sports activities. Some of the activities were throwing javelin, balls to a target, agility runs, relays, assault course and many more. All the children received a medal for their super effort and enjoyed some well deserved fruit and juice at the end of the morning.

Wednesday morning was very exciting as we had a visit from the voluntary Fire Service of Helsinki. One child was very proud to see his father drive the fire truck towards the yard. It was a full morning of activities where the children learned about the dangers of fire and how to be safe at home. The also had a chance to target water from a hose pipe, sit in the fire truck and observe all the various equipment inside the fire truck. It was a super morning and we are all so grateful for this.

Thursday we decided to have an aerobics session outside in the yard before going for our walk to the park. Let’s hope the weather continues nice as we would like to spend most of our time outside for the last 2 weeks before the summer break.

Friday was very quiet in the Maxis group. We stayed outside to play in the nice weather and then later the children came inside to play with their toys.


MON 20.06: Free Arts and Craft  – Decide and make your own

TUE21.06: Nature Walking Trip

WED 22.06: Sports and Play in the Park

THUR 23.06: Toy Day

FRI 24.06: Closed for Midsummer


Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta!

Marta, Trystan, Johanna, Mae ja Titti

MIDIT: 050 401 9229

MAXIT: 050 523 9066