Kulosaaren Ankkalampi – Duckies                                                       14.6.-18.6.2021

Viikkokirje 24



Minis started their week off making their own wreaths made from materials we can see around us. We had leaves, flowers, grasses and some sticks, we got creative with it! We had a story day and read a book about Gruffalo on our yard. It’s a read and feel book, perfect for our Minis who likes to touch, feel and try new things. It left an impression on one of them, that she wanted to read it again and again! We visited the nearby park and saw a couple of children playing in the park. We were nice to them and played nicely. Giving them their space and not taking toys away from them. It was fun and heart-warming to see how they walk nicely nowadays. We were supposed to have our ‘’pool party’’ on Thursday but the chilly morning didn’t allow us, instead, we used that time to have an outdoor exercise with songs on the background. We will try again on Monday, so please remember to bring your child’s swimming suit and a towel. 😊 We had an indoor play day on Friday to give our Maxis some space to have their own pool party! Next week Monday, will be our turn so please don’t forget to once again bring your child’s bathing suit and a towel. Have a great weekend and see you on Monkey Monday!




This week´s physical education took place a bit out from our own yard, next to the neighbouring school. We started with a thorough warm up, followed it by a running competition and then we found a perfect space to practice throwing. We didn´t use balls but pinecones instead and boy did they bounce well. Most of our maxis have the throwing technique well in hand with the correct hand and legs positions – well done! Tuesday was trip day and since there were less maxis this week, we took two of the bigger minis with us as well. The older ones showed them the ropes to big girl and boy park fun. Lots of running, climbing, swinging filled the morning before heading back for lunch. Wednesday was story time and since the summer sun won´t let us go in easily, we did it outdoors again. Adventures of Muumis in English was the topic which is not the easiest to follow for some less fluent English speakers but nevertheless an excellent exercise. Thursday took us out again on a little trip. This time we went to a little forest park nearby the sea to see the different bird houses and found some of them to be at home as well. Later we played a bit of ball on the field nearby before coming back to daycare. Friday was finally a slightly warmer day and we had to take advantage of it! Pool Party was a huge success!!! Lots of splashing and giggles, oh what fun! Join us next week for an even warmer summer days.



Ma/Mon 21.6. – Pool party

Ti/Tue 22.6.  – Story Day

Ke/Wed 23.6. –Trip Day (We are leaving at 9.30)

To/Thu 24.6. –  Play Day

Pe/Fri 25.6. – Closed!



Ma/Mon 21.6- Liikunta/ Physical Education

Ti/Tue 22.6 – Library Bus visit and a walk (We are leaving at 9.30)

Ke/Wed 23.6 – Story Day

To/Thu 24.6 Trip Day (We are leaving at 9.30)

Pe/Fri 25.6 – Closed!

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