Minis: This week started with talking about summer signs with the help of flash cards. Kids were pointing out what they have already seen and making comparisons between the cards and the nature, clothes, etc. On Tuesday we had a quite exiting day as we all visited the new unit. Kids loved exploring the new place and playing with different toys. There were so many smiley faces over there! On Wednesday we did some farming work as we planted pea seeds in flowerpots which the children painted some days before. Everybody will take their pots home before summer holidays, and we hope that next season we can hear how nicely they have grown. On Thursday minis had their own Olympic games in our yard, consisting of jumping, walking on a line in order to practice the balance, running and also throwing bean bags to improve some hand – eyes coordination. They did such a great job and at the end they all got a medal to take home. We finished the week with toy day! Our duckies brought a toy from home, and they presented it to their friends telling something interesting about it! We had a great week and are looking forward to more exiting days next week!

Midit: Alkuviikko sujui kesän merkkejä tutkien ulkona kuvakorttien avulla. Pihalla on ollut lukuisia pörriäisiä ja muita ötököitä, joita lapset ovat ihastelleet viikon aikana! Tiistaina vierailimme uudessa yksikössä leikkimässä. Lapset ovat pitkin viikkoa puhuneet vierailusta. Keskiviikkona päästiin istutushommiin, kun istutimme siemeniä. Jäämme odottamaan mitä sieltä kasvaakaan. Midit osallistuivat torstaina Ankkalammen Olympialaisiin läheisellä urheilukentällä, Paikalla oli myös Ankkamaskotti. Lapset olivat todella innoissaan ja kokeilivat erilaisia lajeja, kuten jalkapallon potkimista ja maalien tekoa, maalivahtina oloa, tennispallojen heittoa ämpäreihin, pujottelua, pituushyppyä, juoksua ja keihäänheittoa! Lopuksi syötiin varjossa eväät ja juotiin pillimehua sekä kaikki kisailijat saivat palkinnoksi hienot mitalit. Hymyssä suin retkeiltiin takaisin päiväkodille! Perjantaina oli lelupäivä!

Minis-Midis next week:
Mon 13.6: Story week – bring your favourite book! (It stays for the week)
Tue 14.6: Arts and crafts
Wed 15.6: Trip day (Turtle park)
Thu 16.6: Free play
Fri 17.6: Movie day

We talked about Europe this week.
Viskari children shows good interests about ancient buildings, landmarks in different countries, while midi friends are more interested in the animal in Europe.
On trip day, we had discussion about insects, plants, animals in the forest in Finland, then we went for our regular walking trip towards the Gallstraskin park. Children counted a lot of things we discussed at circle time. On craft day, we had painting and drawing activities, viskari friends did some painting about buildings and younger friends about forest. Ankka Olympics finally came on Thursday, children participated in different games: zig,zag running, ball kicking, distance jumping, basket tennis balls, sprint and javelins throwing. Weather was nice, children were active, everyone had some juice and banana after the games, of course they are all very proud of the medals they received. On Friday, we had our own music circle time and own toy day. We sang some familiar action songs. Not everyone had their toys so we discussed with the children they can bring their own toy day again next Monday.

Midis-Maxis next week:
Mon 13.6: Asia continent theme discussion + own toy day
Tue 14.6: Trip day
Wed 15.6: Own music lesson
Thu 16.6: Craft day
Fri 17.6: P.E.

Best regards,

The Kauniainen team