Minit & Maxit

The weather has been great the whole week and we are finally able to see Summer coming, so we have spent lots of outdoor time all together. At the same time, we have started to have some water games while children get to cool down a bit and also experiment science, role play and fun. This week we have also had an Olympics day where our duckies had different outdoor sports and they got a nice medal as a reward for the good job done during the practice. They were all very excited, happy to participate and proud of their result!

Ensi viikon suunnitelmat:

Ma/Mon: Ulkoleikit / Outdoor play

Ti/Tue: Kädentaidot / Arts and crafts

Ke/Wed: Musiikki / Music

To/Thu: Liikuntaa / Sports

Pe/Fri: Vapaata leikkiä / Free play



Titti, Marta, Nasra ja Maija