This week was dedicated to our fruits and vegetables. We practiced and found them everywhere. We also didn’t forget about our Summer Party and had nice Morning Circles outdoor practicing songs in English and Finnish languages. On Monday our kids told us about their favorite fruits and vegetables we had studied. Tuesday was, as usual, full of music. We listened to Vivaldi “Summer”. The music was so strong and full of energy, the kids liked it a lot! Also, Midis and Minis practiced their motor skills playing with Lego and peg board. On Wednesday we revised vegetables and fruits by gluing pictures to the different columns, naming and describing them. Thursday was dedicated to preparing for the Summer Party and practicing our songs. On Friday we practiced our gross motor skills and had a nice P.E time outdoor with kids. We finished our week with the song “I’m SO happy”. Have a great weekend and see you next week!
Mini-Midis next week:
05.06 Morning Circle (Summer fruits)
06.06 Tchaikovsky “The Nutcracker” (listening)
07.06 Arts and Crafts (painting watermelon)
08.06 Summer Party
09.06 Finnish Story Time

Throughout the week, we discussed the topic of animal classification, with a special focus on insects. The children actively participated in discussions, learning about the unique characteristics and features that distinguish insects from other animals. In preparation for our upcoming spring party, we dedicated time to practicing our party songs. The children showed great enthusiasm, and we had fun singing their favorite action songs during our music lesson. On our craft day, we made adorable bumblebees. The activity involved cutting and gluing, allowing them to explore their artistic abilities while learning more about insects. Friday was a fun-filled gym day where we took a forest walk to hunt for bugs. We discovered ants, beetles, and caterpillars in their natural habitats. Additionally, we organized an insect relay race, where the children engaged in grasshopper hopping and a butterfly flying game. These activities not only promoted physical activity but also enhanced their understanding of insect movements and behaviors.
Maxis-Viskaris next week:
05.06 MON. birds
06.06 TUE. craft day
07.06 WED. own music lesson
08.06 Spring party rehearsal
09.06 FRI. P.E
Important dates:
Springparty 8.6 cerebration starts at 16:00 in the Turtle Park
Best regards,
The Kauniainen team