The Water Stars – Vesitähdet

A great week has been enjoyed by the Water Stars! We have enjoyed our end of Spring party with a disco, celebrating a birthday and welcoming the parents of pre-schoolers for their diploma presentation. It has been great to have Kirsi back with us, Kirsi took the pre-school session this week where the children learnt about money by shopping for classroom items!  The Viskari children showed their impressive English counting skills in their session through number games. We enjoyed a warm and sunny trip to Oodi park where the children also met a very friendly flat-coated retriever dog named Milo. Finally, we wish a very fond farewell to the children who begin to leave us from the end of this week, you will be missed in Water Stars!  Have a nice weekend in the sunshine!


The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

What amazing week! Sunny weather accompanied us until the end of the week. Outdoor activities were the main focus. Morning circle, team building activities and games were part of this fun week. Also, the Waterlilies started their box engineering month. The first task was a robotic hand with cardboard box and paper rolls. The children were excited to manage this enormous hand. At the of the week, jubilation, music, dance, and laughter were part of the Spring party to celebrate the end of a great season and year.


The Reeds – Kaislat

It’s officially summer!!! We spend a lot of time enjoying the warm and sunny days outdoor, racing cars, we create our own sand cakes and playing balls. Though we are few and we miss our friends who stayed home, we tried to have fun and had a small spring party. We dance and play balloons. To boost our energy, we did an outdoor yoga and stretching our muscles for our Gym day at the back of the National Museum. During our trip day, we went for a picnic and read a book about “THE THREE LITTLE PIGS” and play at Temppelinaukionpuisto. It was fun and exciting week. Enjoy the warm and sunny weekend!


The Water Stars – Vesitähdet

Mon/Ma – Extended outdoor play or gym time in case of bad weather/Pitkä ulkoilu ja huonommalla säällä sisäliikuntaa

Tue/Ti – Extended outdoor play or gym time in case of bad weather/ Pitkä ulkoilu ja huonommalla säällä sisäliikuntaa

Wed/Ke – Trip day/Retkipäivä

Thu/To – Gym and crafts/Jumppaa ja askartelua

Fri/Pe – Waterstars Summer Olympics!/Kesäolympialaiset


The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

Mon/Ma Morning circle outdoor, picnic/Aamupiiri ulkona ja piknik

Tue/Ti  Park nearby: Children’s choice. Afternoon craft/Lasten valitsema puisto. Iltapäivällä askartelua.

Wed/Ke Park nearby: Children’s choice. Afternoon craft/ Lasten valitsema puisto. Iltapäivällä askartelua.

Thu/To Waterlilies’ Olympics at Väiskin Kenttä leaving at 9.20/Olympialaiset Väiskin kentällä, lähtö klo.9:20.

Fri/Pe Water balloon activity/Vesi-ilmapallo leikkejä


The Reeds – Kaislat

Mon/Ma Musiikki piiri, vesi tiedettä/Music circle, water science

Tue/Ti  Kevätjuhla osa2/Spring party part2

Wed/Ke Jumppa: Tunnejumppa, water games/Gym: emotions game, water games

Thu/To Retki: Sammonpuisto vesi tiedettä/ Sammon puisto, water science

Fri/Pe Vesileikkejä ja tiedettä/ Water games and science


Töölön Ankkalampi-Duckies tiimi