Viikkokirje/Weekly Letter 21/2022


Viikkokirje 21


What a week that was! The beginning of the week was just us bathing in the sunshine glory! We had play day and and practiced our spring party songs as many times as our short-attention span could.¬†ūüėÜWe read a book with Maija about a fire track. On Wednesday, we had our final practice before the spring party. Our kids participated well in the final practice (we almost criedūüė≠), though the actual show wasn‚Äôt as poloished as the final practice, we would like to say that we are very proud of our little ones for being brave enough to actually stand in front of a crowd and manage to pull a few moves here and there. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!ūüėĄ¬†Thank you for being there.¬†‚̧ԳŹ¬†We took it easy to end our week and had our toy day on Friday. Showing off their toys to each other and learning the art of sharing.¬†ūüíõ¬†See you again next week, for a fun-packed adventure! Have a lovely weekend!

Ma/Mon 30.5 Story Day/ Satutuokio

Ti/Tue 31.5 Arts & Crafts/ Askartelu

Ke/Wed 1.6 Music Circle

To/Thu 2.6 Playdate/Leikkitreffi (meeting our new friends for next season)

Pe/Fri 3.6  Trip to the zoo! (we will leave at 8.45)



Aloitimme viikkomme askartelulla, jossa teimme kaikki askartelut loppuun, joka olivat kesken viel√§. Osalla oli nopeasti askartelut valmiina ja p√§√§siv√§t tekem√§√§n p√∂yt√§hommia (hamahelmi√§, v√§ritt√§mist√§, piirt√§mist√§ yms )ūüėä Tiistaina p√§√§simme ihanassa s√§√§ss√§ leikkim√§√§n mets√§√§n. Osa ryhm√§ss√§ leikkiv√§t toisella puolella mets√§√§ kun taas toiset. Mets√§ss√§ leikkimme majan rakennusta, kim- leikki√§ ja aarteen etsint√§√§. ¬†Keskiviikkona satuhetkell√§ lapset toivoivat satuhieronta. Maxit kuuntelivat tarkasti satua ja ohjeita, miten hieronta tehd√§√§n ja liikkeet. Harjoittelimme viel√§ kev√§t juhlia jotka olivatkin iltap√§iv√§st√§. Voi kun olivat maxien esitykset. ¬†Viikko p√§√§ttyi leikkip√§iv√§√§n.

Ma/Mon 30.5 Satuhetki / Storytime

Ti/Tue 31 .5 Leikkipäivä/  Playday

Ke/Wed 1.6  Metro retki/ Metro trip  (we will leave at 9.15)

To/Thu  2.6  Leikkitreffit/Playdate

Pe/Fri 3.6  Trip to the zoo! (we will leave at 8.45)


Viikko-ohjelma voi muuttua tarvittaessa. Weekly schedule can change if needed.

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