This week we read a book about Little Bunny FooFoo. The moral of the story is: no one is expected to be perfect, we all make mistakes but hopefully we learn from them in order to be better next time. We should not hurt others. Based on the book, the children got to do some arts and crafts bunnies, practicing motor skills (painting with fingers inside the line). The children were allowed to use their own style making a bunny.
On our tripday the weather was a bit wet for sledging, so we went to play in the park instead. The week ended with some physical education such as children Yoga and dancing. Yoga provides many benefits including stress release, increasing flexibility of the spine, helps physical and mental health, helps to focus more effectively.

Midi-Maxis next week:

Mo 17.1. Storytime: A lion and a mouse / satutuokio
Tu 18.1. Language skills practise / Kielten rikas maailma
We 19.1 Own Muskari and Viskari / Musiikkituokio ja viskari
Thu 20.1. Trip Day & Arts and craft / retkipäivä ja askartelua
Fri 21.1. P.E. & Storytelling / jumppatuokio ja sadutusta


We started this week with our weekly story time, which was about a penguin who doesn´t like the cold weather and tries everything possible to escape from it. On Tuesday we had our arts and crafts day and as the year just started, we decided to paint some fireworks with help of glue, salt and water colours… the kids loved it!
On Wednesday we had our own music class, singing and playing different instruments. Our favourite song was the “sammakko-perhe” song where they need to wait turns to play their instruments. It is not always easy for the little ones to be patient and wait for their turns, but they did a great job! On Thursday, instead of going on a trip, we spent some time in our own yard, so that our new minis get familiar with it and the older minis enjoyed the time playing with ice, water puddles and some still remaining snow. On Friday morning we had lots of free play time inside and in the afternoon we will head out to practice to walk on ice in our yard!

Minis next week:
Mo 17.12: Story time /satutuokio
Tu 18.12: Arts and crafts /askartelua
We 19.12: Own music class / musiikkituokio
Thu 20.12: Tripday /retkipäivä
Fri 21.12: English day / Englanninkielenpäivä

Best regards,
The Kauniainen team