Viikkokirje- Weekly Letter 19/2023



Viikkokirje 18


Minit ovat tällä viikolla taas viettäneet paljon satutuokioita. Minit ovat saanut tuoda omia kirjoja. Olemme myös ulkoilleet paljon. Ulkona olemme mm. juostu, kiipeilty, hypitty ja potkittu palloa. Maalasimme myös kukkaniittyjä. Perjantaina saimmekin nauttia aamupalasta yhdessä äitiemme kanssa❤️.


Ma/Mon 15.5 Satutuokio

Ti/Tue 16.5 Liikunta

Ke/Wed 17.5 Askartelu

To/Thu 18.5 Helatorstai (Daycare is closed)

Pe/Fri 19.5 Toyday



How lucky we are to have such wonderful weather this week! We visited two different parks where we had a great time outdoors! On Tuesday we took part in story time at the Vuosaari library. We listened to three different stories about birds. Our little ones were so brave to answer different questions. 💫 On Wednesday we prepared special gift for our dearest mommies. Kids helped us to gathered some flowers and chose all the flowers they wanted on a bookmark. Happy Mother’s Day! Remember, to the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world 



Ma/Mon 15.5 Arts & crafts- painting outside

Ti/Tue 16.5 Story Day & baking day

Ke/Wed 17.5 Trip to Maunulan Maja (we will leave at 8.20)

To/Thu 18.5 Helatorstai (Daycare is closed)

Pe/Fri 19.5 Toy Day



What a fun week it has been for our Maxis! We practiced our fine motor-skills with our painting on Monday using cotton buds and learning the art of painting on top of another color. We had Viskari activities the next day and we all went to Herttoniemenranta. Our Maxis played in their upper yard first and even started playing and making friends with other Maxis 🥹. We learned about the letters W, J and U. The 4-year-olds practiced pencil control through different pattern tracing. We went to Lauttasaari library on Wednesday and listened to some stories read aloud by the library lady. Our Maxis listened well and finished 3 different books about spring! One of our friends brought her favorite book last week and we continued reading it the next day. We also did science experiment about oil and water and found out that they don’t mix. It’s because water is a polar molecule and the oil’s structure is non-polar. To end our week, we had one of our friends wish party. We wore pajamas, had a picnic and while having picnic we had disco ball and listened to some music and then we danced till we can’t anymore! We had a lot of fun! 😃

We also celebrated our lovely moms! Thank you for coming over and celebrating with us! 💕We wish all our dear mommies a happy Mother’s Day! You are important to us! 💛💛💛



Ma/Mon 15.5 Park Day (Eugen Schauman’s park- we leave at 9.30)

Ti/Tue 16.5 Viskari and guided activities- Viskarit from Herttoniemenranta are coming over.

Ke/Wed 17.5 Trip to Maunulan Maja (we will leave at 8.20)

To/Thu 18.5 Helatorstai (Daycare is closed)

Pe/Fri 19.5 Toy day & kid’s wish party (each Maxis gets to decide every Friday what kind of party they want to have in the daycare)


Viikko-ohjelma voi muuttua tarvittaessa. Weekly schedule can change if needed.

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