Minis – Midis last week

For our culture theme, this week we traveled all the way to India and explored its rich and unique culture. We tried their traditional Naan bread and the all the kids liked it. We practiced some moves by dancing a traditional folk dance Bhangra. The kids enjoyed the energetic and lively tone of different hand and legs movements of the dance. We also visited the nearby park to enjoy the lovely and warm weather this week.

Minis – Midis next week:

17.5 Leikkipäivä / Play Day

18.5 Muskari / Music class

19.5 Gym

20.5 Trip Day

21.5 Satutuokio / Story time

Midis and Maxis last week:

We started our architecture project. The children were very excited. After learning about famous buildings around the world, how it’s planned and built, the children have built their very own contructions with recycled materials. We will continue this project next week with many more interesting tasks for the children. As a side project we have been planting our own flowers in day care. In the daycare yard the children all actively participated in building our vegetable/flower garden. Other then these two interesting projects, we spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the lovely weather.

Midis and Maxis upcoming week:

17.5 Architecture project

18.5 Music class

19.5 Architecture project

20.5 Trip day

22.5 P.E.