This week we started a new theme for us “Health is wealth”. For the next two weeks kids will come to know about healthy fruits and their color s. We’ll try to taste as many fruits as we can and discuss the fruit benefits. On Monday we all stayed at home and celebrated. Tuesday was full of vivid music (dedicated to the “Birds” theme) and Finish songs! Also, as usual, Midis and Minis practiced their motor skill playing with peg board and Lego. On Wednesday we practiced fruits +colors and painted yellow banana and lemon, orange pear and orange and didn’t forget about practicing our songs in English and Finnish languages. On Thursday, during our English lesson, we continued playing with fruits and colors. Also, we read Peppa Pig’s story about her summer vacation, dreaming about warmth, sun and sea. On Friday we conducted Finnish Gym warming up, stretching, and playing inside hoping for better weather next week.

Mini-Midis next week:
08.05 Finnish Story time
09.05 Muskari
10.05 Arts and Crafts (Fruits)
11.05 English club (Fruits) + Mother’s Day Party
12.05 Outdoor Gym

We had a short week after May Day holiday. We had a short nature walk and we took the opportunity to discover geometric shapes in nature. We had activities so children can observe and identified different shapes such as circles, squares and triangles and rectangles etc.… On Wednesday we introduced the numbers 10 and talked about positions in the context of pictures, such as above, below, left, and right, good practices for their cognitive and spatial awareness skills. We painted on craft day for Mother’s Day celebration, children put their creativity into their work, they enjoyed expressing their love and appreciation through art. We ended our week with an active note, we practiced some gymnastic movement, forward roll. Children had a great time under the guidance of teacher’s instruction.

Maxis-Viskaris next week:
8.5 MON. Mother’s Day discussion
9.5 TUE. Craft day
10.5 WED. Muskari and Viskari
11.5 THUR. Theatre trip + Mother’s Day Party
12.5 FRI. P.E

Important dates:
Theatre trip for Maxis-Viskaris 11.5 show starts 10:00
Mother´s Day 11.5 celebration starts 16:00
Springparty 8.6 cerebration starts at 16:00