This week the Kauniainen minis and midis finished their beautiful Mother’s day gift. Both groups made them age accordingly; the midis crafted a card and put in his own words what they love about their moms, how they look like, what they like etc. The minis did sun catchers made of salt dough with a handshape in the middle. They practiced their fine motor skills filling it with colourful hama beads.
On Wednesday we had a fun Mother’s Day celebration in our yard with some games and the highlight was the Happy Mother’s Day song performed by all Kauniainen duckies which made some proud moms loose one, two or more tears ♡.
On Thursday we went, for the first time this season, to the Thurmaninpuisto. It was a longer walk than usual, but all of our children did a great job walking there and they enjoyed the trip to the park so much! We are closing the week with free play and warmer temperatures!
Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Spring!

Minis-Midis next week:
Mon 9.5. Spring activity
Tue 10.5. Running activity
Wed 11.5. Muskari
Thu 12.5. Spring signs
Fri 13.5. Free play

This week we celebrated Mother’s day. Children have been busy rehearsing the song. They made heart cutting activities and baked blueberry muffins. Everybody was involved in the baking, naming the ingredients, mixing, and whisking. What a great team work! We went to Gallsträskin park for our trip. They have been getting better and stronger in walking longer distances. We had a lovely Mother’s celebration with a lot of nice games. Children performed the song beautifully. We made some butterfly paintings on craft day to decorate our classroom. On Friday we prepared for the running next week, and were practising some running and breathing techniques.

Midis-Maxis next week:
Mon 9.5. Australia theme discussion
Tue 10.5. trip day
Wed 11.5. last Muskari (last lesson)+ viskari
Thu 12.5. Art and craft day
Fri 13.5. gym day: Team Rynkeby Foundation, school run

Tärkeät päivämäärät / Important dates:
24.5. Kevätjuhla klo 16:00 / Spring party at 16:00

Best regards,
The Kauniainen team