Minis’ – Midis’ last week

It was a week full of fun and activities. Last Tuesday, it was the last day of music class for this season. The kids enjoyed the class singing their favorite muskari songs and playing instrument. We will still be having our own music class every Tuesday facilitated by our energetic teachers in the unit. We made a special card for our dearest mother for the Mother’s day. The midis decorated their cards with a glittery butterflies, hearts and different shapes glued on the card to practice their fine motor skills and creativity. The minis finger painted the cards which encourages them take control of their fingers while painting and develop their fine motor skills. We walked together around the neighborhood last Thursday and visited the park for some outdoor play. We are excited for next week because we are heading to India!

Minis – Midis next week:

10.5  Leikkipäivä / Play Day

11.5  Muskari / Music class

12.5  Gym

13.5  Helatorstai/ Day care closed

14.5 Satutuokio / Story time

Midi-Maxis last week:

This week we were preparing for the Mother’s Day celebration. Children has been using their drawing, cutting, tracing skills and made lovely cards for their mothers. They also enjoyed their last Muskari lesson for the spring season.  We had a good trip in the Turtle park as always. On Friday, children made a Mother’s Day song video and also planted some flowers in the milk cartoon boxes, together we will follow up their growth. The viskaris continued with alphabet p,q and number 4 formation. Have a nice weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

Midi-Maxis next week:

10.5. Architecture week: Arts and Crafts

11.5 own Muskari and Viskari

12.5 Architecture: Arts and Crafts

13.5 Helatorstai/ Day care closed

14.5 P.E