Minit / Minis

Tällä viikolla olemme leikkineet paljon ulkona. Askartelimme myös äitienpäiväsalaisuuksia. Muskarissa lauloimme ja soitimme. Vietimme myös koko talon voimin ulkona jumppatuokiota ja viikon päätimme yhteisiin vappujuhliin naamiaisten sekä discon merkeissä. Herkuttelimme myös munkkia ja simaa.

Minien suunnitelmat ensi viikolle / Minis’ plan for next week:

Ma/Mon: Vapaata leikkiä / Free play

Ti/Tue: Muovailua / Play dough

Ke/Wed: Muskari 10:00-10:30 / Music lesson 10:00-10:30

To/Thu: Askartelua / Arts

Pe/Fri: Kävelyretki / Walking trip


Maxit / Maxis

The week has started in a creative way decorating our egg cartons Spring creations (flowers, bees and butterflies) since the Spring is getting closer. On Tuesday we had our weekly viskari session where children practiced their communication skills through a set of Moomin dices and also they made beautiful & colorful butterflies to decorate our group windows.  On Wednesday we had the music session and this time our duckies got to use a new instrument, metallophone. They were excited and they had several activities with that! The week has finished in an active way having a lovely sports session outdoors all the groups together and we have practiced listening and following the rules, explored different movement possibilities, running and body balance. Finally, on Friday we had a party day for Vappu. We had a nice circle to pay attention to all the original costumes, we had a fun disco time were dancing and balloons were the protagonists and also we got to eat “munkki” and “sima” during snack time in order to celebrate this festivity together. Hopefully, the sun will persist this weekend!

Maxien suunnitelmat ensi viikolle / Maxis’ plan for next week:

Ma/Mon:  Askartelua / Arts

Ti/Tue: Viskari

Ke/Wed: Muskari 10:30-11:15 / Music lesson 10:30-11:15

To/Thu: Ulkoleikit / Outdoor games

Pe/Fri: Kävelyretki / Walking trip


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