Kulosaaren Ankkalampi – Duckies                                                       26.4.–30.4.2021

Viikkokirje 17


This week we had a lot of fun-filled activities. On Monday, we made our surprise card for our dearest moms for the up-coming Mother’s Day. We got artistic and hopefully we can put a smile on their face when they receive it. Our little Duckies also had with a playdate with our new friend Onni on Tuesday. Welcome Onni! We are looking forward to sharing lots of giggles and laughter with you! We celebrated our First of May party on Wednesday and wore colorful costumes and danced until we got so tired and hungry. There were balloons on the floor, lovely lights and all sorts of music to accompany the mood. We also tasted the traditional doughnuts we usually eat during this time and tasted some Sima- it wasn’t our crowd’s favorite though, doughnut for the win! Paula’s theme this week was all about farm animals, we sang a song about a horse and guessed a few tricky farm animals, it was fun! On Friday, we decided to take it easy, enjoyed the lovely weather and had an extra playday to get to know our new friend, Onni. We also had an indoor game and introduced lots of toys to let him know that we are excited to be his friends and share lots of adventures with him. Join us again next week as we continue our adventure and visit Japan! Have a lovely weekend everyone! see you on Monkey Monday!


This week we didn´t continue with our usual culture theme as we had important preparations and parties to celebrate. Therefore, on Monday we had an early morning outdoor PE to get those muscles all warmed up and then we headed indoors to prepare the first part of our mother´s day cards. We won´t get into details, but there sure was lots of sweetness involved, we can tell you that much. Tuesday is traditionally our trip day and so it was also this week. We went to park for some fun playtime and on our way there we saw more little blue flowers than ever before. The spring sure has arrived! Walking together in line is getting better, slowly but surely. It is a skill that requires lots of practice and we take that opportunity seriously every week. Wednesday was the long awaited Vappu celebration day! After morning outdoor playtime, we headed in, put on our costumes, and danced the morning away. Lovely Vappu disco with balloons brought big smiles on every child´s face, minis and maxis dancing all together was simply a lovely sight. After exhausting those little bodies with all that dancing it was time for lunch and special Vappu snack – Vappu doughnuts and lemonade called Sima – both very traditional treats. Thursday is much loved Muskari day for everyone. This week they were honing their rhythm skills and performing little solos to their companions. On Friday it was the maxis turn to continue working on their mother´s day cards. Again, we can´t share any details but lots of love and attention was put in them. Come and join us next week for new adventures when we continue with our culture theme.



Ma/Mon 3.5. – Arts and Crafts/Kädentaidot

Ti/Tue 4.5.  – Storyday/Satuhetki

Ke/Wed 5.5. – Play Day

To/Thu 6.5. – Muskari (starts at 10.00)

Pe/Fri 7.5. – Liikunta/Physical Education



Ma/Mon 3.5.- Liikunta/ Physical Education

Ti/Tue 4.5. – Trip Day (We are leaving at 9:30)

Ke/Wed 5.5. – Story Day

To/Thu 6.5. Muskari (starts at 10:30)

Pe/Fri 7.5. – Kädentaidot/ Arts and crafts


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