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This week we continued practicing purple color and other colors as well. On Monday we conducted Purple Color hunting inside the daycare. Be sure, we found all purple objects! Tuesday was, as usual, full of water bubble sound and music (dedicated to the “Water” theme) and Finish songs! Also, we decorated little presents for our beloved mothers. Midis and Minis practiced their motor skill playing with peg board. During our English lesson on Wednesday morning, we read a story about friendship in English. On Thursday we continued preparing for Mother’s Day gluing and painting. But we didn’t forget about practicing our colors and songs in English and Finnish languages. Friday brought us sunny and warm weather. We enjoyed the spring. And we haven’t forgotten about International Earth Day. With kids we came to know about our planet and decorated it using different techniques.
Mini-Midis next week:
24.04 Pink Week
25.04 Muskari
26.04 Arts and Crafts
27.04 English club + Baby Shark May Party
28.04 Finnish Gym

This week, we focused on practical life skills and talked about important hygiene habits, such as washing hands and wiping noses etc. We believe these skills are important for our students to learn and practice daily. On Tuesday we had a lot of fun at the library park, where we had some running races and enjoyed the warm weather. We love spending time outside and staying active! In addition, we started practicing some special songs for Mother’s Day and worked on some special Mother’s Day crafts. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on! On Friday, we also talked about Earth Day and discussed ways we can help the earth, such as reducing waste and recycling. The children also had a great time coloring pictures of the earth.

Maxis-Viskaris next week:
24.4 MON. Vappu holilday discussion
25.4 TUE. trip day
26.4 WED. Muskari and Viskari
27.4 THUR. Vappu party day
28.4 FRI. P.E

Important dates:

Mother´s Day 11.5
Springparty 8.6

Best regards,

The Kauniainen team