Viikkokirje-Weekly Letter 16/2023


Viikkokirje 16



Minien maanantaihin kuului satutuokio sekä muskari. Tiistaina askartelimme kevättä seinälle. Keskiviikkona lähdimme yhdessä Midien kanssa retkelle läheiseen leikkipuistoon. Torstaina vietimme laulutuokiota sekä luimme satuja ulkona. Perjantaina menimme läheiseen metsään eväsretkelle.



Ma/Mon 24.4 Satuhetki; Silja’s muskari

Ti/Tue 25.4 Liikunta

Ke/Wed 26.4 Askartelu

To/Thu 27.4 Laulutuokio

Pe/Fri 28.4 Vappu party- kids can wear any costume



This weeks themes evolved around international Earth day and Book day.

Monday we started off with a book that taught us how to be a responsible member of the Earth. 📚🌏 The key points we learned is to never litter and to try recycle as much as possible.♻️ On Tuesday we did Arts & Crats and made our own planets using papermache! Most of us havnt done this before but we enjoyed getting our hands messy in the glue mixture 🧑‍🎨 It has been very sunny this week so we tried to be outside as much as possible 🌞 We had a slight change in plans on Wednesday for our trip and went to Eugen Schauman park instead with the Minis. We didnt mind this though and had just as much fun there! 🛝 On Thursday we did some out door P.E. in our yard 🏃 We danced to one of our favourite songs (Walking in the joungle) and followed an obstacle course. We had so much fun in the sun! ❤️Before we knew it, it was Friday again – Toys day! All of us are getting more comfortable in our presentation skills. 🎤 We still have to remind each other of the importance of listening to each other in the morning circle👂🏼 but we are improving by the week!

It has been another successful week at Ankkalampi! 🐣 Next week will be packed with loads of fun activities again and also some special requests. See u on Monkey Monday! 🐒



Ma/Mon 24.4 Story Day- Be Brave Little Penguin & baking; Silja’s muskari

Ti/Tue 25.4 Arts & crafts- penguin hats

Ke/Wed 26.4 Trip to Oodi library (we leave at 9.00)

To/Thu 27.4 Penguin documentary & dance

Pe/Fri 28.4 Vappu party- kids can wear any costume



It’s Friday once again! Here’s a recap of our adventures this week.

We started the week off drawing using crayons and our theme was spring with flowers growing. The spring colors will be showing more and more on our walls for sure! Hranta Viskarit came over, in continuation of our literacy activities we learned about the letters m, d, g, o and c and their initial sounds. We also planted our sunflower 🌻 seeds together with them. Once the weather is warmer, we will then take them out to plant in our flower bed that’s in our yard. The 4-year-olds learned about the letter m and some English vocabularies that starts with the letter m. One of the most awaited trips happened and our Maxis had their first trip to Espoo! We went to Mauri Kunnas exhibition and that was everything we hoped for and more! One Maxi even said that she’d ask her parents to move to Espoo so she can go there all the time. 🤣 We read a book on Thursday, of course it’s none other than a Mauri Kunnas’ book! We learned about English vocabularies through the book and it took us forever to finish it because the Maxis had something to say about all the pictures they saw 😂🙈 that we didn’t have time for science experiment but it’s okay, we can always do one for another day. 😀 To end our week, it was one of our Maxi’s wish party. Her theme was picnic, and everyone wore summer clothes. We had picnic inside and did her wish arts and crafts- parrots! We think they turned adorable! We had a blast! The best way to end our week!

Thank you for joining us this week, see you on monkey Monday! 🙈



Ma/Mon 24.4 Arts & Crafts; Silja’s muskari

Ti/Tue 25.4 Viskari and guided activities- we will leave at 9.00 to Hranta

Ke/Wed 26.4 Trip to Children’s town we will leave at 10.15

To/Thu 27.4 Story Day & Science experiment

Pe/Fri 28.4 Vappu party! Kids can wear any costume.


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