The Midis have enjoyed the sunny spring days and took advantage of this lovely opportunity for longer outdoor time. As the focus of the week, activities were designed to encourage children’s involvement and increase participation. For that, we had a simple board game, where the children played as the characters of the game and move according to the rules of the game. We also organized mindfulness exercises and yoga, to learn how to calm down and focus. What the children enjoyed the most was the trip to Oodi Library, where they learned to return the books and borrowed new ones, learned the library rules, and had fun in the playground. We closed the week with the social skills and sharing practice in the toy day session.



Still excited by the Easter adventures we were more than happy to share impressions and to count how many chocolate eggs made our bellies happy!

We started the week with a visit to the climbing park of Oodi where trough play our little Maxis set and overcame various challenges and goals as a team, helping each other and offering a hand, getting acquainted each other with the feeling of fulfillment, togetherness, and friendship. They were happy, playful, and tired but with a smile on their faces they enjoyed the rest of the day. Since it is already known that in the Maxis group we love holidays, and just waiting for an occasion to celebrate, we have already started, slowly preparing for the upcoming holidays in May, trough our regular art and craft session on Wednesday. We had a regular gym session today where we had associated physical exercises with memory exercises and the Maxis mastered them great! We shall end this week by learning a song and relaxing trough educational game. And of course, in a meantime we enjoy the wonderful sunny weather to the maximum which could not make us happier, so we hope that this time spring shall be welcomed for real.

Have a lovely weekend!



A week full of whole new experiences, contents, and sessions. Our duckies had a great journey on Wednesday. Mestarit went for a tip to Töölö primary school (class 1C was our friendship class) had a tour around the premises and saw by themselves what school life was about. As for the Viskarit, they enjoyed a quick visit to the Sibelius monument as well and spent the rest of the morning at the Sibelius Park. Within the easy math sessions, the Viskarit worked with even and odd numbers, addition, and subtraction. On the other hand, language was about alphabet order, and we closed our sessions on Friday with “social skills”. As for our Mestarit, they went through the Seikkailujen session and building with shapes and forms in easy math. The week closed with a “1st of May” arts and crafts.




Mon/Ma: Music session & Animal story-game

Tue/Ti: Carnival masks making for Vappu

Wed/Ke: Spring bingo trip to Töölönlahti leaving 9:30

Thu/To: Vappu celebration

Fri/Pe: Toy Day theme: colorful/festive toys, & Interaction skills practice



Mon/Ma: Music session and Science

Tue/Ti: Trip to Annantalo

Wed/Ke: Arts and Crafts (Vappu crafts) and decorating the room

Thu/To: Indoor gym and Vappu carnival party

Fri/Pe: Learning about spring nature and making May bracelet.



Mon/Ma: Viskarit & Mestarit P.E. (Outdoor games) Puzzle Day (Viskarit) Math (Mestarit)

Tue/Ti: VISKARIT:  Easy math (measuring) MESTARIT: Seikkailujen eskari-book (letter P)

Wed/Ke: VISKARIT: 1st of May arts and crafts MESTARIT: Needlework

Thu/To: Football practice (Väinämöisen Kenttä)  + Vappu party

Fri/Pe: VISKARIT: Game Day MESTARIT: Needlework


Ankkalampi-Duckies Töölön tiimi