Viikkokirje – Weekly letter 15/2021

Kulosaaren Ankkalampi – Duckies                                                       12.4–16.4.2021

Viikkokirje 15


Marhaba! Greetings from Egypt! Minis started their week off practicing how to glue paper pieces together and make our own pyramids of Giza. It is up on our wall if you would like to check it out. We think it turned out pretty awesome! On Tuesday, we watched a short video about a girl, an elephant and a dog and their trip to Egypt, in the video we visited the Valley of the Kings where Ramesses II’s was buried, discovered some Egyptian food and took a short cruise on the Nile river, the story was short but informative. We went for a trip to the nearby park the next day and enjoyed the lovely weather and the company of friends. Majority of our Minis are walking on their own now and it is a lovely site to see! Thursday, who do we have? Paula! Minis are always looking forward for Paula’s day and the only time when they are always excited to come inside-this week they were all about farm animals. We ended our Friday with an outdoor exercise for our little ones. As the weather starts getting warmer, we will do more outdoor exercises instead of indoors in the future. We hope you enjoy the lovely weather this weekend and join us again next week as we learn more about Egypt and things Egyptian. See you on Monkey Monday!



This week started off as usual, with outdoor PE. Learning to coordinate our body, follow the instructions, work as a team and wait for your turn is just some of the things why this lesson is so important to our Maxis. Of course, also letting off some steam and run those wiggles out is just what we need to start the week. Tuesday it was time for a trip. This time we didn’t go to a park to play but instead went for a walk. We walked around our neighborhood for almost an hour, trying to find the first signs of spring. We saw some flowers and buds on trees and bushes – it sure is coming! Wednesday is usually a story time day but this week we watched a video about fire safety and went over what to do in case of emergency. Some of the Maxis remembered very nicely where the fire exits are from previous years drills. That was so nice to see! We also emphasized that it’s important to stay calm and not run around but follow the adult’s instructions. Everyone understood it very nicely and we can put all that in practice next week when we actually are going to have a fire drill and evacuate the building all together. Thursday was the long awaited muskari day! Paola brings them so much joy, always starting off and ending the lesson with the same hello and goodbye songs, that put big smiles on everybody´s faces. But also introducing always something new whether it’s a new instrument or song or dance. Friday it was Maxis turn for arts and crafts and this week we’ve travelled to Egypt with our culture theme. It was a great opportunity to make some salt dough and prepare our very own scarab lucky charms. Scarab in ancient Egypt was a symbol of development, growth and effectiveness, and was thought to bring good luck and protection. And now we all have our very own charm. Join us next week when we continue our journey in the mystical ancient Egypt.


Ma/Mon 19.4. – Arts and Crafts/Kädentaidot

Ti/Tue 20.4.  – Storyday/Satuhetki

Ke/Wed 21.4. – Trip Day (We will leave at 9.30)

To/Thu 22.4. – Muskari (starts at 10.00)

Pe/Fri 23.4. – Liikunta/Physical Education



Ma/Mon 19.4.- Liikunta/ Physical Education

Ti/Tue 20.4. – Trip Day (We are leaving at 9:30)

Ke/Wed 21.4. – Story time/ Satuhetki

To/Thu 22.4. – Muskari (starts at 10:30)

Pe/Fri 23.4. – Arts and Crafts/ Kädentaidot

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