This week was short, but extremely interesting, busy, and cheerful. Easter is coming and we had lots of things to do. On Monday we had orange color Morning Circle and orange hunting. Tuesday was, as usual, full of music and Finnish songs! Midis also created Ester cards for parents using different material for decorating and Minis practiced orange colors playing with cars and Lego. On Wednesday kids created Easter chicks. You can’t imagine how interesting it was for our lovely kids to work with sticky plastic and bright glitter. While working we again and again practiced colors, our motor and sensor skills. Thursday was a mixture of English Club and Finnish Friday. Kids had Finnish Morning Circle with Finnish Story about Pupu (everyday life of different animals). After a long walk we practiced coloring Easter eggs using the English language, Midis also practiced tracing on Easter eggs. I can’t say that the weather pleased us with sun or warmth, but we visited our favorite parks and enjoyed playing together outdoors this week. Happy Easter and have a great holiday!!!

Mini-Midis next week:
10.04 Daycare closed
11.04 Muskari
12.04 Purple Morning Circle (Arts and Crafts)
13.04 English club (Story Time).
14.04 Gym

This week at kindergarten, we had an exciting Easter holiday theme. We kicked off the week on Monday by singing Easter action songs and listening to the story of Easter bunny, from the story we learn to be helpful and thankful. On Tuesday, we went on a field trip to Angry Birds Park in Leppävaara. The children had a fantastic time exploring the park, and we were delighted to see them enjoying themselves so much. On Wednesday, we enjoyed an Easter egg hunting activity. The children were thrilled to search for eggs hidden, full of joy and excitement. On Thursday, we went sledging, probably the last sledding opportunity of the year, and the children made the most of it, laughing and having fun with their friends. Throughout the week, we also did a lot of Easter egg coloring drawing. The children showed off their creativity and had fun.
We wish everyone a happy Easter holiday! We hope you have a wonderful time with your families and loved ones, and we look forward to seeing the children back at kindergarten next week.

Maxis-Viskaris next week:
10.4 MON. Daycare closed
11.4 TUE. Recap of virtues
12.4 WED. Viskari and Muskari
13.4 THUR. Craft day
14.4 FRI. P.E

Best regards,

The Kauniainen team