This week in the Captain’s group has started with a lot of illusion and joy after enjoying the Easter holiday. We have loved spending time with our parents, but we already missed our best friends! The week could not have started in a better way with a spring weather! Little by little we are saying goodbye to our thick snow coats to give way to lighter and more comfortable clothes, and we really love that. On Tuesday we work on our psychomotor skills and active listening at Muskari to sing and rhythmically follow all the songs. Little by little we are memorizing and internalizing all of them. We are doing a great job by far! On Wednesday we flew to Africa for the first time! The flight was very long but we all held hands and had a safe landing. We went on safari and saw giraffes, lions, and zebras for the first time, an amazing and wonderful show. On Thursday we returned to the calm and inner peace and worked on our emotions and how we can feel in our day to day. Through different songs we learned about empathy, sensitivity, and how support and be supported by others. We understood that there are no good or bad emotions, and that all are fine if we learn from them. On Friday we enjoyed our party with the spectacular open mic! Some kids asked for many songs and the teachers encouraged the others to try the excitement of being at the stage. A wonderful starting of April!

The skippers started this week with muskari Tuesday where they learned more about body control, like walking backwards and jumping on one leg. On Wednesday, we started spring themed arts and crafts! We did free painting with bright spring colours. On Thursday, we held our first ever distance toy day! We received pictures of the skippers favourite toys from home, and each one presented them during morning circle super well. We learned how to categorise the pictures into different groups, such as cars, dolls and animals. To end the week we had free play time in the morning, the games of choice were cars, legos, trains, jigsaw puzzles and drawing. We had a morning circle in English where we spoke about emotions, and our plans for the upcoming weekend! In the afternoon we enjoyed our open mic, with a few new songs!


”Sillä mies, joka kirjoittaa sanoja paperiin, ja vielä enemmän mies, joka antaa hakata nimensä ja tekonsa kiveen, elää toivossa, että hänen sanansa luetaan ja että jälkeentulevaiset lukevat hänen sanansa ja ylistävät hänen tekojaan ja viisauttaan.” Page 10, Sinuhe Egyptiläinen, Mika Waltari

The fully recharged Sailors as lively as the Easter Bunny Peter Cottontail and the fast-growing Easter grass hopped on board looking eagerly forward to new adventures in the only continent that we have not visited yet so far, the enchanting Africa, probably the birthplace of the entire human race millions of years ago. This time we set the full sail across the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Suez Canal over thousands of nautical miles and kept sailing upstream along the Nile River that is probably the longest river of the whole world. Together we reached the historical metropolis Alexandria and Cairo the Capital City of Egypt full of splendid heritage that can be traced back to thousands of years ago when Ancient Egypt was one of the earliest cradles of human civilisations and that also had lasted for thousands of years contributed by different peoples who possessed distinctive culture, language, arts etc. With paper Each of us built the 3 biggest pyramids of Giza Necropolis and placed them in 1 line on the map according to their difference in size. Some of us also vey creatively drew dromedary camels that have only 1 hump in their back, date palm trees and the Nile River on the map! After locating the Great Sphinx on the same map, we crafted our own 3D paper Sphinx that has a nose and an adorable smile on his face of a Pharaoh and a body of a lion that once existed in Ancient Egypt together with hippopotamuses and elephants but not anymore nowadays. We liked the Jackal, Fox, Dog, Cat, Crocodile, Falcon, Ibis etc. that Ancient Egyptians once respected and worshiped. We were quite surprised that they could paint very vividly on the walls of their magnificent temples and pyramids! The gigantic sculptures are still telling stories to us as if they have been living for thousands of years and the complicated hieroglyph carved in the columns and obelisks and the Rosetta Stone inspired us a lot as well! We held and felt a replica of a turquoise hippopotamus once was played by Ancient Egyptian children and the feeling of travelling back in time felt so special! Inspired by the Ancient Egyptians we also practised juggling with 2 tennis balls and walking in pairs by 1 holding the other’s legs and the other walking on hands like a chariot or a carriage. Yoga movements of Camel and Horse were practised too. Next week we will keep sailing upstream the Nile River and explore the Sahara and Safari to appreciate the biodiversity and learn nature preservation. Surely we loved the picnic trip to Tervasaari, and we got to know Mikael Agricola better on the Day of Finnish Language!



 Kapteenit / Captains

Ma / Mon 12.4. Kädentaidot/Arts & Crafts.

Ti / Tue 13.4. Muskari (klo 9.45) ja pienryhmätoimintaa / Muskari (at 9.45) and small group activities.

Ke / Wed 14.4. Kädentaidot/Arts & Crafts.

To / Thu 14.4 Jumppa/Gymnastics.

Pe / Fri 16.4. Open Mic!


Kipparit / Skippers

Ma / Mon 12.4. Field trip. We leave 9:30 from the park

Ti / Tue 13.4. Muskari

Ke / Wed 14.4. Kulttuurikeskiviikko: Afrikka

To / Thu 15.4. Etälelupäivä &

Pe / Fri 16.4. Tunnetaidot: Molli -projekti


Seilorit / The Sailors

Ma / Mon 12.4. Arts & Crafts

Ti / Tue 13.4. Muskari 9:00-9.45 am and Gymnastics

Ke / Wed 14.4. Walking trip leaving at 9.30 from the Park

To / Thu 15.4. Exploring the World: The Sahara and Safari

Pe / Fri 16.4. Project Work: Animals & Outer Space

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