This week the weather didn’t help us with colors. Our orange week starts with heavy snow, strong wind and even spring frost. Nevertheless, the week was interesting and full of fun! On Monday we had orange color Morning Circle and English Story time (the book was about colors). Tuesday was, as usual, full of music and Finish songs! On Wednesday kids started getting ready for Easter. We decorated willow branches with feathers (again and again practiced colors). We also practiced our creative skills decorating willow branches on paper using squeezed metal paper and colored feathers. For Minis it wasn’t easy to take a thin feather and glue it to the paper, but together we did it! For our English club we had a puppet show about how to get acquainted with others, introduce yourself and apologize in English. Friday was exercise-day. A shorter outing in the morning and then Gym lesson inside. Now we are ready for the weekend.

Mini-Midis next week:
03.04 Orange color hunting
04.04 Muskari
05.04 Easter Arts and Craft
06.04 English club (how to be a good friend)
07.04 Daycare closed. Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful week learning about being attentive and paying attention. We discussed the importance of watching and listening carefully. We also shared stories about what could happen if we’re not attentive or vice versa. We watched a short video on how grass grows before planting Easter grass. On Tuesday, we went sledging and enjoyed the return of winter fun. During the activity, we emphasized the importance of being attentive to safety rules. In our Viskari lesson, we learned to write the number 5, while our music lesson went smoothly as usual. Thursday was a craft day, and we had a great time making Easter branches, cutting, and decorating eggs. On Friday, we played dodgeball outside in the park. Through the game, the children learned to be ready, watch where the ball goes carefully, and move to a “safe area”. We also had a discussion on how to be attentive when crossing the road.

Maxis-Viskaris next week:
03.04 MON. Easter holiday discussion
04.04 TUE. trip day
05.04 WED. Muskari and Viskari
06.04 THU. Easter Arts and Craft, egg hunt
07.04 FRI. Daycare closed. Happy Easter!

Important dates:
11.5 Mother´s day celebration
8.6 Springparty

Best regards,

The Kauniainen team