Kulosaaren Ankkalampi – Duckies                                                       29.3–01.4.2021

Viikkokirje 13



This week was short, but it was full of fun! We celebrated a couple of birthdays of our friends- we don’t even know how we deserve this many treats 2 days in a row- but we guess we deserved it so thank you and wow! Our little Duckies started their week off making their own Easter bunny cards that they will bring to their homes. The gluing part was a lot of fun as the bunnies turned out funny but cute looking. On Tuesday, we watched a Russian cartoon called Masha and the Bear. Our little Duckies paid a lot of attention and named all the animals we’ve seen as the story progresses. Wednesday was the highlight of our week! We celebrated Easter, had an Easter egg hunt and each kid got their own treats from the eggs they found, face painting for anyone who would like to have one, had a disco- our kids were dancing, jumping and running to their hearts content! It was an amazing day! To end our week, we had a play day. We decided to have a more relaxed end of the week to prepare for the coming long weekend and enjoyed the bright sunny weather. Ahh, spring is here! We hope that you join us again next week as we continue one more week of Russian-themed activities. Happy Easter everyone!


Our Easter week was super special as we got to tip into the magic of Easter bunnies and colorful eggs. We started the week with a story time, this time in English where children were invited to touch and feel the character in the book to engage them even further in the story. On Tuesday we had arts and crafts dedicated to colors. It was also a good opportunity to review all the colors in English language and pick the favourite ones to decorate their very own Easter eggs on paper. The task was made a bit more challenging as they were asked to use different pattern with each new color. Come and admire the results at our entrance. Wednesday was The Day! The long-awaited Easter celebration! We started the day with an egg hunt outside where an Easter bunny had hidden beautiful eggs all over the back yard. One of the maxis had even seen the bunny running off. He said the bunny had been in the colors of the rainbow 😊 Everyone found at least one egg, the excitement was tangible! Then we got a bit more coordinated and had an egg on the spoon race. That took a bit more practice but nevertheless great fun. After that we had Easter disco indoors and face painting for those who wanted to look like bunnies. What a lovely day it was! The short week was finished off with a play day to get into that holiday mood and that sunny beautiful day was just excellent for that. The next week we continue our journey through different cultures and now it´s time to head to Russia. Happy Easter everyone and see you next week!



Ma/Mon 5.4. – Suljettu/Closed (Holiday)

Ti/Tue 6.4.  – Arts and Crafts/ Kädentaidot

Ke/Wed 07.4. – Trip Day (We will leave at 9.30)

To/Thu 8.4. – Muskari (starts at 10.00)

Pe/Fri 9.4. – Liikunta/ Physical Education



Ma/Mon 5.4. Suljettu/ Closed (Holiday)

Ti/Tue 6.4. – Liikunta/ Physical Education

Ke/Wed 7.4. – Trip Day (We will leave at 9.30)

To/Thu 8.4. – Muskari (starts at 10:30)

Pe/Fri 9.4. – Arts and Crafts/ Kädentaidot


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