On Monday the Minis enjoyed singing and moving in muskari again. Simon the Shrimp arrived from the bottom of the ocean on Tuesday to teach us English. This time he brought along some ocean themed words as well as an exciting book about different underwater animals. This week we also sang ocean themed songs such as Down in the deep blue sea, which is becoming a fast favorite. We also learned about domestic water creatures and got to know our very own Saimaan norppa and crafted our own cute seals from paper and paint, developing our scissor skills as well as our fine motor skills. Springtime is around the corner again and the minis have enjoyed playing outside in the puddles and making mudcakes in the park. We also started to prepare for the upcoming season by decorating easter eggs together. The spring weather can be tricky, but we still enjoyed our weekly trip to a fun playground in Kaisaniemi park. On Friday it was time for our bring your own toy day! Everyone had a great time playing with and practicing sharing toys with friends.


This week Midis continued practicing focus and their tasks to be dealt with accordingly. Monday besides the usual music session, Midis had planted the easter grass ready for Easter hoping that it grows nicely. Each of the Midis planted in their own small clay pot easter grass and one box together. We had a brush up regarding the alphabet and numeracy. Free play as always took place, and a guided play was planned accordingly. Midis are aware of the rules when it comes to free play and interaction together, a gentle reminder is given to them daily how to respect others and that rules are there for each to observe and abide. Tuesday Midis had an ex-tempore trip to Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden. Midis explored freely around the whole area and were curious watching the gardeners taking care of the indoor plants also the outside area. Continued also with learning the shapes and using fine motor skills to cut the shapes and then glue them separately while decorating them how Midis wanted.  Midis fine motor skills is improving, and it is very clear that practicing Calmness and focus is doing its work. We continue as long as it takes for Midis to find inner peace and calm so that they achieve what’s given to them and learn more. Midis also have been learning a new pirate song in English since this month’s theme is Sea life. They enjoyed singing it and we continue to practice daily. Wednesday we had a short trip to Tuomio church in which we planned to go inside but unfortunately did not happen as we had to pay. But instead, we walked around took some photos and headed back to the kindergarten. It was coming down wet snow, so for Midis it was a bit unpleasant have wet snow in their face. However, they enjoyed it still and this is nice to see from Midis how nicely they manage themselves in whatever the situation is at that moment in time. Midis had also a brush up in numeracy with help of Flash cards and a reminder of what they have been learning. We also celebrated Olivia’s birthday. Olivia turned four and we had a little celebration by singing to her, blowing of the candles, and reading a nice message from the birthday card. Olivia wished to see a short song from Frozen movie in which Midis agreed instantly. Olivia also offered threats to Everyone in the kindergarten and for the whole day was our birthday hero. Thursday continued with our arts and crafts and this time we came to a decision to make some easter crafts. Easter is round the corner do Midis have been excited to do something different this week. Outdoor activities took place indoors on Friday by throwing freebees and having fun together with own toy day. Midis gets over excited when it´s own toy day and they are practicing patience and calmness also during this activity for them to achieve.


Maxis started the week with Jenna in muskari. On Tuesday taking advantage of the good weather maxis made a trip to Tervasaari where we played new games and learned about every man’s rights (jokamiehen oikeudet). Maxis needed to categorize pictures what we can do in the forest and what we cannot do. We had gread discussions about how to treat animals and what kind of fun things is possible do in the nature. This weeks sports classes theme was sea animal yoga. Kids also played different sea animal games like the shark catching fish and octopus game. In this weeks viskari we learned to recognize letters. We had different kind of games where we needed to find letters from our room and try to think what words start with that letter. On Friday we had own toy day! It was so important to kids to brig their own toys to daycare and also great way to practice sharing.






Ma 27.3 Muskari 9.30 & Small group activities

Ti 28.3 Arts and crafts with Simon the Shrimp

Ke 29.3 Järvi Digituokio

To 30.3 Trip day, leaving the park 9.30 sharp

Pe 31.3 Cruise-themed playtime



Ma 27.3 Muskari 10.00 and continuation of staying on task pedagogy.

Ti 28.3 Sea Life trip, leaving the park at 9am sharp.

Ke 29.3 Trip pf the week

To 30.3 Creative arts

Pe 31.3 Outdoor/ Indoor activities and own toy day



Ma 27.3 Muskari 10.30 & Smallgroup activities

Ti 28.3 Trip to Sealife. We leave 9.30.

Ke 29.3 Gymnastics/ Frienship skills

To 30.3 Gymnastics/ Viskari club

Pe 31.3 Arts & crafts


Iloista viikonloppua kaikille!

Kruununhaan Ankkalammen aikuiset


Have a nice weekend!

The Staff of Kruununhaka Ankkalampi-Duckies