With Easter around the corner, Captains started the week by doing a fun Easter craft. We decorated egg-shaped cards with colorful feathers and stickers while listening to the song “Tiputanssi”. On Tuesday, the Captains who have music class visited the animal farm again. They were told that they could choose an animal and did an imitation of the animal while their friends encouraged them. It was so much! Meanwhile the rest of the group had a great time too, they listened to music and played with blocks and animal puzzles.   On Wednesday, the Easter bunny and chick visited the Captains. With a little help from them, the children undertook an enjoyable task and learned a bit about the natural world at the same time by planting real grass seed in this year`s Easter basket. The kids loved this natural Easter grass project, also they will be picking up knowledge about the way things grow. We enjoyed a lovely walk around our beautiful neighborhood this week, the sun was shining, and we could finally see the first signs of spring. During the trip we also continue to review road safety rules and procedures of how to behave as we walk through the streets. Finally, we ended the week with our popular open mic. Music helps the children to express themselves and encourages self-confidence, but above all it is fun!

The Skippers started their week with a wonderful trip to tervasaari! We spotted many signs of spring such as: sunglasses, melting snow and ice, the sunshine, and even some grass! Each child collected a stick which we then decorated in celebration of spring and Easter, with pastel coloured paint and feathers! On Tuesday, our distance muskari continued in two small groups. The skippers are really enjoyed getting to know more about farm yard animals. On Thursday, we did some gymnastics. We practiced a lot balance, and now almost all skippers can perform a rollie-pollie! On Friday, we ended the week with some free play, then moved on to do some relaxing yoga, made some letters and shapes with play dough and spoke about emotions. And of course, we held our open mic in the afternoon!


Th Sailors would love to wish everyone a pleasant, relaxing and safe Easter! As always we keep practising good hygienic habits with which we are very familiar as an important part of our daily lives, discuss changes in the Day Care life and family life due to the current situation to answer curious questions emerging on our minds and to make ourselves feel safe and happy without being worried or confused, enjoy health diet including a big amount of daily intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, engage in active outdoor playing with all the friends together as a great, friendly and ingenious team and certainly keep our classroom tidy and clean! As every year, preparing for and celebrating Easter bring us, our loved ones and everybody else as well joy and hope! Thanks to our mommies’ creative and fun idea, we dyed this year’s Easter eggs, 10 hard boiled white eggs, with natural dyes turmeric and extracts from fresh, chopped and boiled beetroots, red cabbage, blueberries, red onions, pomegranate and spinach leaves. Dyes of beetroot, turmeric and red cabbage functioned as the primary red, yellow and blue, and we got the secondary orange, green and purple by mixing each 2 of the 3 dyes. Surprisingly, the red onions dyed the egg turquoise! As a tradition, we enjoyed our first Easter Egg Hunt in the form of Orienteering, and it was super easy for us to find the colourful images of Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, butterflies, blooming flowers, Easter grass, carrot, basket and clouds. We also practised the yoga movements of Hare and Rooster again. Through the entire week, we have been listening to English Easter songs for children and we are able to singing along by ourselves with them! Vintage Easter music sounded pleasant and soothing too! Besides singing and counting Easter bunnies together with the songs “5 Little Bunnies” and “10 Easter Bunnies”, we also exercised a lot by following the movements of the songs “The Bunny Hokey Pokey” and “Hop Hop Little Bunny”. We also painted recycled milk cartons green, carefully sowed Easter grass seeds in the black dirt, decorated the box with mini eggs and stickers. Hopefully the grass will sprout very soon! Certainly we had so much fun again decorating real pussy willow branches with beautiful feathers and silk paper and getting our faces painted like little cute witches! we will enjoy the virtual Palm Sunday probably in the same way as last year and hope for a much better future that is not far ahead. “Virvon, varvon, tuoreeks, terveeks, tulevaks vuodeks. Vitsa sulle, palkka mille!”




Kapteenit / Captains

Ma / Mon 29.3. Satuhetki/Storytime.

Ti / Tue 30.3. Muskari (klo 9.45) ja pienryhmätoimintaa / Muskari (at 9.45) and small group activities.

Ke / Wed 31.3. Pääsiäisohjelmaa/Easter celebration.

To / Thu 1.4. Pääsiäisohjelmaa/Easter celebration.

Pe / Fri 2.4. Happy Easter! The Day Care is closed.


Kipparit / Skippers

Ma / Mon 29.3. Field trip. We leave 9.30

Ti / Tue 30.3. Muskari

Ke / Wed 31.3. Culture Wednesday: Easter

To / Thu 1.4. Arts & Crafts

Pe / Fri 2.4. Happy Easter! The Day Care is closed.


Seilorit / The Sailors

Ma / Mon 29.3. Arts & Crafts.

Ti / Tue 30.3. Muskari 9:00-9.45 am and Gymnastics

Ke / Wed 31.3. Walking trip leaving at 9.30 am from the Park

To / Thu 1.4. Singing moment: Easter

Pe / Fri 2.4. Happy Easter! The Day Care is closed


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