A warm welcome to the new season! A smooth transition for the children who are joining the Midis group have started this week. Our playful activities were intended to provide a friendly and warm introduction as we establish and cultivate trust between the children and the staff. Getting to know each other and familiarizing with the learning environment and the group’s daily routine were the focus of the week. Also, we had longer outdoor play and enjoyed the lovely snowy days with friends. Next week, we will start our pedagogical activities and regular routine. Happy New Year to all!


Happy new year 2022 and welcome back to the new season. We have started the year with quite big changes in almost every group. Our group´s children are though familiar with the group facilities. This week has been a soft start with fewer kids, but next week will already be normal and we start/continue with our daily and weekly planned programs. Outdoor play and free play inside have been the week’s theme + drawing Christmas memories.


Dear families, welcome back to the new season and we hope it all will be even better than the last season. We look forward first bright sunny and snowy days and then soon enough sunny days and warmer weather with spring flowers blooming. This week at Ankkalampi has been a week of relaxation and playfulness for our children since we only had very few attending in our class. They had enjoyed longer hours of playing outdoors and longer hours of free play indoors. We will start our exploring and learning sessions next week. Wishing you all a very healthy New Year 2022.




Mon/Ma: Musical massage for relaxation // Musiikkihieronta

Tue/Ti: Arts & crafts – winter landscape using watercolours // Kädentaidot – Talvimaisema vesiväreillä

Wed/Ke: Outdoor games – introduction of basic ski movements/positions // UIkoliikunta – Hiihdon sekä laskettelun liikkeitä ja asentoja

Thu/To: Trip to Temppelinaukio park, leaving at 9.30 // Retki Temppeliaukionpuistoon, lähtö 9.30

Fri/Pe: Rule game – getting to know each other // Sääntöleikit – Opitaan tutustumaan toisiimme



Mon/Ma: Science day // Tiedepäivä

Tue/Ti: Arts & crafts and playing in pairs // Askartelua ja pareittain leikkiminen

Wed/Ke: Trip day to Lastenlehdon leikkipuisto in Kamppi, we leave at 9:30 // Retki Lastenlehdon leikkipuistoon Kamppiin, lähtö klo 9:30.

Thu/To: Outdoor gym; playing football in the snow // Ulkojumppa; lumihankifutis
Fri/Pe: Mediaday // Mediapäivä



Mon/Ma: ½ ryhmä kerrallaan: 1) Sisäliikuntaa 2) Uudenvuoden askarteluja / ½ group sessions: 1) Indoor gym session 2) Arts and crafts about New Year

Tue/Ti: VISKARIT: Helppoa matematiikka Legoilla / Easy maths with Lego MESTARIT:  Mathematics / Matematiikkaa

Wed/Ke: Koko ryhmän retki Taiviksen puistoon / Whole group trip to Taivallahti park

Thu/To: VISKARIT: Hieno motoriikka saksiharjoituksia/ Fine motor cutting activity MESTARIT: Seikkalijen Eskari: Kirjain S / Letter S.
Fri/Pe: VISKARIT: Suomenkilinen tuokio / Finnish language activity MESTARIT: Talvipuuhaa / Winter activity


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