Happy New Year! Nice to see a lot of Midi & Maxi friends back from holiday.
This week, we learned some new greeting songs at the circle times. On Tuesday, children talked about holiday memories, we made some chalk drawing about fireworks in night sky. We enjoyed the snow and made a big snowman in the turtle park. We also had our own music circle time. On Friday, we had a small obstacle course and gym time. In this new year, we made some changes in classroom environment to help with children’s development.
Midi-Maxis first week:
10.1. Storytime: Little bunny Foo Foo
11.1. Arts and crafts;
12.1 own music class and Viskari
13.1. Trip Day, Sledging
14.1. P.E.

Happy new year! And happy mini duckies!
This first week our group got 2 new little friends and we spent a lot of time getting to know each other, practicing daycare routines and of course playing, jumping and dancing. Our minis enjoyed the outdoor time with so much snow and we even managed to build a mini snow man!
It is so nice to see how our “older minis” are interested in the new little ones and how they play carefully with them and put smiles on their faces.
It has been a very nice week and an easy start in 2022 and now we are looking forward to the next one and to welcome back all the children who are still on holidays!

Minis next week:

10.01 : Story time
11.01 : Arts and crafts : New Years Theme
12.01 : Own music class
13.01 : Trip day
14.01 : English day