MINIS’ last week

What a nice week behind! We got to play a lot with our friends, as always, and practice fine motor skills along with puzzles. During music class we sang winter and ice related songs and enjoyed a “snowfall”! We also learned about J. L. Runeberg and highlight of the week was, of course, the Runebergin tortut we tasted! That was “huippu” as minis said! 😊

Minis’ next week:

8.2 Leikki- ja kulttuuripäivä / Play and culture day

9.2 Muskari / Music class

10.2 Pulkkailua mikäli sää sallii / Sledding if weather allows

11.2 Retkipäivä  / Trip day

12.2 Ystävänpäivä juhlat / Valentine’s day party


MIDIS AND MAXIS last week:

The Midi-Maxi ducks enjoyed a trip around Europe by train. We climbed the Eifel tower in Paris, bicycled through Belgium and had a look at the Atomium. Our journey ended in Berlin where we learned there used to be a wall, which was not a nice thing! All Midi-Maxis agreed that it’s much nice when everybody in town can go where they want and play together. We also celebrated Runebergin day. On Thursday the Maxis made Runebergintorttu, and on Friday we learned more about who he was. We also bravely tried to come up with some poems ourselves.

Midi-Maxis next week:

8.2 Travel around Africa by boat

9.2 Muskari and Viskari

10.2 Arts and crafts and P.E in the new unit (morning and afternoon!)

11.2 Arts and crafts and P.E. in the new unit (morning time)

12.2 Trip day + Valentine’s day party