Activities in Munkka continue as varied and as colourful as this Autumn foliage. We started the week enjoying outdoor time in Munkki park. Minis and Midis continue their story time with the “Messy Monkey” book and practiced their acting skills with the animal action song. Maxis performed their “Five Little Monkeys” song with the puppets they made last week while the Viskaris did a drawing based on their favourite book. Minis and Midis continue developing their house project, some painted their hands and feet while some decorated the roof of their houses. To cap off the week, we have our weekly forest trip. We practiced our fine motor skills as we all collected autumn leaves. The Maxis however put them on a stick while the Viskaris also practiced their Mathematics as they sewed berries by numbers. Such a lovely way to end the week, as we all admired the wonders of the changing colours of nature and enjoyed the cool breeze.

MINIEN JA MIDIEN suunnitelmat viikolle 38 / MINIS’ AND MIDIS’ plans for week 38:

MON 20.9 Story time and park  

TUE  21.9 House project (please bring a family photo and letter to your child)

WED  22.9 Muskari and yard/park

THU  23.9  Baking

FRI    24.9 Metsänuppunen trip, we leave at 9.00, please bring a water bottle and a small snack


MAXIEN suunnitelmat viikolle 38 / MAXIS’ AND VISKARIS’ plans for week 38:

MON  20.9 Park first then Drama practice

TUE   21.9 Park first then Drama play

WED  22.9 Yard and Muskari

THU  23.9 Baking and Viskari

FRI    24.9 Metsämörri trip, we leave at 9.00, please bring a water bottle and a small snack



Muuta huomioitavaa/Other important information:

  • Puhelinnumeromme: Maxit -Viskarit p.050-400 8254 &  Minit -Midit p.050-462 7943.
  • Our phone numbers: Maxis -Viskaris p.050-400 8254 & Minis -Midis p.050-462 7943.


Mukavaa viikonloppua & Have a nice weekend!  

Munkkiniemen Ankkalammen henkilökunta-staff